Sew Happy...

Hi Everyone...

A double blog tonight! Aren't you lucky :p

Well I decided I couldn't wait to do something crafty, so I found some card, and decided to take a chance on wonderweb and make my needle case!

It went really well and I'm very happy with it!

I had a minor issue, when I had sewn one of the popper halves on the wrong way round, luckily my wonderweb hadn't quite stuck and I was able to pull it apart and re-sew it!

When I re-wonderwebed (that's not a word!) I also made it a little skewy by accident, but I think it's darn good for about 30 mins work max!

I've already put all my needles in - and I'm especially chuffed as I used a sample offcut from Cath Kidston, which I got delivered free - so it's real CK!

Tell me what you think - Remember I've only been sewing for two months so take it easy on me!

(Now I promise I'm off to prepare for my interview - seriously... I'm going... now.... honest!)

Jewel x


  1. Your needle case looks great, Jewel! Really cute!
    I hope you have a great interview. Good luck!

  2. for someone who've only been sewing for two months, you did a great job! i've tried sewing for ages and still cant make a needle case!! love CK fabric u use for it, i'm a ck fan too, love how it turned out! I'm susan by the way, popped over from florence and mary's blog, you have a cute blog! nice to meet you :)

    Susan ( )

  3. It's great! I am a novice sewer too and I am sorely tempted to try to make one too. Did you just look up tutorials online? Is there one you would recommend? Well done!

  4. Hello there! Florence and Mary pointed me to your lovely blog!
    Good luck with your interview!

  5. I think it looks pretty great! Well done you,

    Victoria xx

  6. That looks great, well done on making it, not sure mine would have looked as good!!!


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