Time To Relax...

Hi Everyone,

Hope you've all had another fabulous day! After a bad night (I was very ill) today was spent relaxing and recouporating. Myself and my maid of honour went for a lovely spa day in Battersea.

We started the day with a cupcake and tea and lunch on their riverside terrace in the beautiful sun!

We then went for our spa treatments, enjoying a massage and a manicure each, and relaxing in the jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and relaxation room. We both got pummeled by the masseur (I'm actually bruised, but kinda in a good way) and had a little altercation with the staff when they tried to short change us. But this was made up to us with free extra cupcakes and tea! It was a lovely day.

She also gave me my belated birthday present, which was a fantastic set of Cath Kidston toiletries - the first I've ever had, I'm so chuffed!

I need to find a nice place for them, on show, in our bathroom!

Oh and when I got home I had a lovely surprise! My fiance had completed our little hallway table project...

I'm really chuffed! I think it looks fantastic, and my fiance even made it look pretty and organised inside!

Tomorrow we're off to my parent's to see my nieces and nephew for a picnic in Marlow, and easter egg hunt in the garden! Hope you all have a fantastic Easter and eat lots of yummy chocolate!

Jewel x


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! And the hall table looks fantastic!

    I've had a lovely today, boot sale in the morning and then off to the salon for a repaint on my nails (I needed a summery colour!) and a pedicure which almost sent me to sleep!

    Tomorrow I'm with my family too and my mum has an Easter Egg hunt planned for my nephew!!

    Victoria xx

  2. Hall table looks good! Just the sort of size I need - nothing too deep. Will have to keep my eyes open.


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