A China Collection...

Hey everyone,

Well as you may have read, I am recently (well almost a year ago now) engaged and planning our wedding for next May.

As a lover of afternoon tea, pretty china and all things related, we decided on an afternoon tea theme for our reception. We came up with the idea of having stacks of tea cups as table centres, with pretty budded roses in the top, decorated with pearls and stood on mirrored plates which will reflect the light from little tealights on the table.

So, we started collecting...

Our first haul was mostly from a car boot and some charity shops - this shows what the stacks will look like.

We decided to use the spare plates as vintage, mismatch table settings.

The rest of our collection has come in dribs and drabs, as teacups became more popular and were being snapped up!

This was our last full count of what we had collected. But since then we have found more...

We now have enough teacups and are focusing on enough plates for the table settings.

I particularly liked these pretty ones...

Along the way I have also picked up some beautiful cake stands - partly for the wedding (partly because I love them...)

We even bought this huge perspex cake stand for our cupcake wedding cake - although I think we will sell this on afterwards - I doubt I'll ever bake enough cakes to fill it! 

I then decided to treat us to a beautiful royal albert tea cup and saucer for me and my fiance, for the top table...

But I will obviously keep them afterwards as they are fantastic!

I am still looking for single teacups and saucers for my own mismatch tea set - I currently have four but would like some more!

Unfortunately we will be gluing together the tea cup stacks - so they don't fall over and cause any accidents at the wedding, so I can't use the teacups for my set, but I will be selling them on as vases!

I have also been collecting vintage vases to decorate the tables and was kindly given a huge amount of them by a freecycler!

I have even got my own 'miniature' tea set collection - it will go on the top tier cake of our cupcake tower at the wedding!

I hope you like my china collection so far. Soon I'll post some pictures of my personal collection! 

Unfortunately, most of these teacups & plates will need to be sold on, to make space, and hopefully some money back!

Jewel x


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my page, it is lovely to hear from people and even more so to find gorgeous new blogs to follow. You can have what ever you like, tea hot chocolate and certainly lots of cake : ) xxx

  2. Aw, what a pretty collection! Love vintage china dishes...the best part, they don't have to match in one giant set :)

  3. You have an amazing collection,just lovely!
    How was the toast did it get soggy?

  4. What a brilliant idea for wedding decor! These pieces are so sweet and pretty. Happy planning!


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