Oh Sew Pretty...

So, another hobby I have just begun is sewing! I asked my mum & dad for a sewing machine for my birthday at the end of February, and they were lovely and obliged. I also got the Cath Kidston sew book to get me started.

To learn how to use my sewing machine (I have only ever sewed by hand before, although I have created some big projects, like dressing up outfits) I decided to attend the Big Girls Craft Club at a local tea shop called Emporium Tearooms (http://www.emporiumtearooms.co.uk/). It's a lovely little place and all the 'girls' were fantastic. One taught me how to use my machine and I haven't stopped since...

I started with the Cath Kidston bag that comes with the book

At the first week of Big Girls Craft Club

And at the second week

My progress so far - just need to add buttons, buttonholes and the label...

But I haven't finished my bag yet as I was eager to make something for Mother's Day! I decided on a cushion and bought some lovely fabric. I started the cushion at home, cutting the pieces and sewing on the decorative, applique heart.

And then I finished it at Big Girl Craft Club (after sewing it all perfectly, but the wrong way out and having to unpick it all). I added buttons and buttonholes at home, finding the buttonholes particularly frustrating but very rewarding!

My mum loved it! So she asked me to cover a chair pad to match so they could go together. I cut the pieces that evening, and then tonight I sewed it together...

I also decided to make some bunting for my niece for her birthday from the left over fabric! I cut the pieces on Sunday evening, and tonight I put it all together...

I'm really proud, as it came out really well! It was frustrating at times, especially trying to get the ribbon sewed on neatly, and I almost gave up! Plus my little sewing machine struggled with the layers of fabric and wadding, but I hope my niece likes it!

Not bad for a month's worth of sewing from a complete novice...

So this Wednesday at Big Girls Craft Club, I'm going to finish my Cath Kidston bag and work out how to make a pin pouch!

Hopefully soon I'll have time to make myself a cushion too. Oooo and maybe some bunting for the wedding!

Jewel x


  1. You went too? What did you think? I thought it could have been bigger...did you buy anything? Look at me I'm so nosey!! I saw the set, but didn't dare ask the price, I really don't need another teaset...now jugs are another matter altogether!! xx

  2. P.S forgot to say, well done on the bunting, it looks great


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