Making something special...

As you may have realised, I am currently planning for a wedding. We've been engaged for almost a year, and most of the planning is actually done (I'm extremely organised lol). So now I have plenty of time to make special bits and pieces for our day.

I decided a while back that I wanted to make some vintage inspired recipe cards, as I had seen them around and thought I could easily make them myself. I made a mock up a few months ago...

Since then, I haven't really had the time to make ours... but I am a member of a wedding website called and one of the ladies asked me to make some for her.

So I've created 10 sets for her with her own chosen recipes, personalised with their wedding details! And I've now had another enquiry for some more cards, but with the story of how they met on them! I would love to make more and sell them on Ebay, or Etsy or somewhere similar but I've never done that before...

Anyone got any tips!?

Hopefully I will get to make my own ones soon - they are printed and cut, ready to be assembled. It's just finding the time (without an excuse to do something else) to do them!

I also found inspiration on to create some 'button' art work. Again I thought I could quite easily do this myself, and gave it a go...

I would love to sell these on Ebay/Etsy too! And I have also experimented with scrabble tiles in frames, spelling out couple's names or little phrases!

My fiance also made me this for Christmas this year....

Again inspired by, but we could make them to order, with song words of the person's choice, or any words really! Do you think its worth us setting up a little ebay/etsy store, or even going to craft fairs (where I could also provide baked goodies too!)?

Here are a couple of other things that I have made for our wedding, but could also possibly offer! I'm not sure?!

A three tier wedding post box for cards given on the day, decorated with vintage pearls - I could make them to order in any colour/style.

Tags (which I'm using for our seed jar favours) with a personalised stamped message on the reverse!

I could sell these in pre-made packs with generic quotes etc on them!

So please let me know what you think! Whether its worth making lots of these, and starting an online shop or going to craft fairs!

Jewel x


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