Some Easter Treats...

Hi Everyone,

Yay!!!!! It's the LOOOONG weekend! What are all your plans? I still haven't decided what to do tomorrow in the London area, any suggestions!? We're stuck!

Today my lovely fiance brought me home a special egg for easter, which I've put with my egg for him, one from his mum for him (awe bless) and two extras we have...

Hiding at the bottom there are my new napkin rings! I got the first one a week or two ago, but it was meant to be a set of four... anyway they are here now, just in time for easter! Shame I'm not having anyone over to show them off!

This afternoon I popped into the charity shops after work (which has now become a favourite pasttime - to make up for going in early, I leave early and have a browse!). Today I picked up this pretty picnic basket!

We already have a picnic basket! (So why buy another I hear you ask!) This one will be for our wedding, to house my homemade confetti cones, which will be full of pretty pink petals...

I am still aiming to blog over the weekend, but I'm hoping to be very busy! So if I don't write before next week, HAPPY EASTER! Have a lovely weekend!

Jewel x


  1. Love the new basket! And of course the napkin rings are fabulous!

    As for things to do in London, Covent Garden is always great for a wander round... Fortnum & Mason's is always a treat (esp when there are holidays so they'll be some fabulous Easter treats in store (if you do go there try the Parlour - fabulous ice cream!!)... Marylebone High St is great for a walk down....

    Enjoy whatever you get up to!

    Victoria xx

  2. That Easter candy collection is impressive! I hope there's a Cadbury egg in my future.

  3. Love the Basket, Im always buying picnic hampers - they are great :o) Scarlett x


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