Afternoon Tea Swap Partners...

Hey Everyone...

Well the time is here! Time to announce the partners for my FIRST EVER swap! Thank you to all of you who have agreed to take part! I really hope it will be a really enjoyable swap!

So without further ado the partners are...

Miss Tea & Me

(as there were an odd number of people I am swapping twice!)

Just a quick reminder of the rules:

  • Please send your partner at least 6 gifts, which should all relate to the afternoon tea theme!
  • One gift should be edible (or drinkable!)
  • One gift should be handmade!
  • And one gift should be crafty!
  • All parcels to be received by Wednesday 29th February (My Birthday!)
It would be great if everyone also blogged about it! I will be very excited to see what everyone gives and receives!

Love Jewel xXx

P.S. My lovely friend Lucy has just started blogging - please go over and hello! x


  1. OOoo fab thanks for sorting! Hehehehe I know my swap partner which is cool!

  2. Hope you all have fun preparing and receiving your swaps - its a great theme!And well done for organising it.

    Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments! Glad to have inspired you!

    Gill xx

  3. Thanks for organising! How exciting! I'd better get a wriggle on to provide swaps by the end of Feb!!

    Nicki xxx

  4. Hi Jewel,

    Thankyou for organising the swap, I am really looking forward to this one!

    Lynn B

  5. Sounds like a really fun swap :)

  6. Hello lovely, if it is easier for you, I don't mind joining in rather then you swapping twice. I was going to join in as I love the sound of the swap theme - genious, no idea why no one had thought of it before, but have been tryinbg to save money. Let me know sweetie x x x x

  7. Ooh very excited! Thanks for arranging x

  8. Thanks for arranging the swap x

  9. Thaks for arranging this - I am really looking forward to it and love that my swap partner lives in one of my favourite towns!

  10. Woot! so excited! YAY my partner is you! hehe

    look forward to this and thanks for organizing the swap!

    x susan

  11. Could my partner cider with sophie contact me if she sees this as i cant find any contact link on your blog x

  12. HELLLLO SOrry only just got back off hol and seen this! YAY! Jane, my email is Please email me and ill get back to you when im back at a computer! SO exciting. Well done for organising this Julie xxx

  13. Thanks sophie email on the way x

  14. Hello! I dropped over from another blog from another blog after wondering what an afternoon tea swap could possibly entail! It sounds fun! Nice to meet you! Wow, you are a leap baby!!! Only the second I've ever heard of!! My birthday is the day before but it was not a leap year when I was born- people always say to me, "OOOh, lucky you weren't born a day later!" (and I secretly think, "OOOOOOh, yes, I could have been born on the 1st of March-aaaaaaah!!!") Anyway, happy birthday for then! :-)


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