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Hey Everyone...

Just a quick blog post tonight as I have been out and had a little too much tipple!

I just wanted to ask your opinion on what I could do with these? 

I have picked up 4 old tea chests from a lovely freecycler and wanted some ideas of what I could make them into or use them for! We are hoping to use some for the wedding! But needs ideas for a least one of them! Any suggestions?

I also wanted to make a little plea! Does anyone have one of these?

It is a Marks & Spencer Gingerbread House Kilner Jar! I fell in love with it before Christmas but never managed to get my hands on one! I have been obsessed with it ever since! I have been to loads of shops looking for it, but it is well and truly out of stock!

I wanted to check, although I know it is unlikely, whether anyone received or bought one of these beauties and wasn't as smitten with it as me and would be willing to sell it to me!? Or to ask you all to keep an eye out for this gorgeous thing in charity shops, car boots and other second hand places for me!

Anyone who finds one for me, will be the love of my life!

Love Jewel x

P.S. After a good response so far, I will be blogging about an Afternoon Tea Swap very soon! 


  1. What interesting chests! How about turning one into a 'desk' for guests to use to write you messages. You could set it up with old tea tins and flowers to give a vintagey feel. How exciting, can't wait to see what u create with them. Will keep my eye out for the kilner jar, hope u find one! Looking forward to your afternoon tea swap. X

  2. We used to have a menswear shop and used them in displays. Twinkle star has some good ideas.

  3. Love the chests! My friend would have a field day with those! Could you use them for the guestbook/table plan somehow? OR! Incorporate into your centre pieces? HMmm. xxxx

  4. Love the chests!! i've been drooling to find those but no luck so far and not too keen on buying them on ebay hehe, not sure if they can be use as a some sort of stacked shelves i saw a picture somewhere in a magazine or something or to put flowers in the garden.

    ohh i didnt see the cute gingerbread jar in M&S , it's adorable! i'm now smitten too hehehe

    x susan


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