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Hey Everyone...
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Boy did my speed past! I knew it would. It was a really lovely weekend I will blog about it soon! But first I just had to show you a little something I crafted for a special gift.
Yesterday was a friend's birthday and I was inspired by a little tutorial in an old issue of Mollie Makes. You may remembers AGES ago I was given some lovely old fabric, tablecloths and the like by a kind freecycler. They had some beautiful cross stitch and embroidery on them, but they also had a few holes and tears etc...
So I decided to use the tutorial to put these lovely things to good use, and made my friend a little pinny apron!

I added some vintage lace (that my lovely mum gave to me from her mother) for the bottom trim, and raided my ribbon stash to add to cover a few little holes. Then I added a panel of pretty pink gingham for the waist band and tie.

I used an old square tablecloth with some lovely flowery cross stitch! I didn't stick exactlty to the tutorial! I didn't gather the top, and I made the waist band and tie slightly differently - but I still think it looks great - although looks better once it was ironed lol...

I think my friend liked it! I am always a little worried that others won't see the beauty in recycled and vintage fabrics and think I am just giving them some old tat - but as I made it into a little apron I think she liked that it was handmade! Happy Birthday Shona!

Luckily the tablecloth was big enough to cut in half, and I had enough left over to make myself one! I almost didn't - but remember what I said that all my crafting ends up given as presents or sold, so I resolved to treat myself! I love the fact that it has a vintage lace trim with a history from my grandmother who I never knew! I wonder what she'd think of it?

I had run out of pretty pink gingham but I think I love this floral pattern just as much!

What have you recycled lately?

Love Jewel xXx


  1. Very pretty - too pretty to wipe chocolately cakey hands on!

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  2. I love the patterns on the fabric, so pretty! Well done, what a lovely gift idea x

  3. such a lovely, kind and thoughtful gift- beautiful x

  4. I think your grandmother would be very pleased with your creation. What a lovely gift! A one of a kind!!
    Have a lovely day!

  5. What a lovely birthday gift you made for shona! i love aprons though i only use one or two but i just cant get enough of collecting them when im lucky enough to find one in charity shop or on Sale hehe but it's so special if you made it yourself! i love the idea of making it from freecycle stuff, i love the lace you used as bottom trim and the pretty pink gingham, the flower cross stitch is gorgeous! i'm sure your friend would love it coz I would! hehe

    x susan


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