Birthday Gifts (Part One)...

Hey Everyone...

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and your week has been good so far! As promised I wanted to blog about my weekend! It was full of early birthday celebrations and I had such a lovely time.

On Saturday I saw an old school friend. We went out for a lovely dinner and a few drinks. It was great to catch up and she was very naughty and spoilt me rotten! She bought me the most beautiful mug known to man...

 A personalised Emma Bridgewater Starry Skies Mug!

Can you believe it?

It is my first ever piece of Emma Bridgewater china - I have been lusting after her beautiful collections for years, and now I have my very own personalised piece! Thank you Marian! You don't understand how unbelieveably happy this beauty makes me!

She also bought me this beautiful double oven glove - very Cath Kidston! And these beautful cupcakes wrappers! Both of which are perfect for all my baking!

Then on Sunday I headed over to my parent's house for the day! We also went out for a lovely meal with my sister and her family. After lunch I was treated to some fantastic presents...

The perfect way to exercise!

Time for a Harry Potter marathon - just need 19 hours straight!

A beautiful book, full of lovely projects from my brother! Can't wait to get started!

A belated Christmas present from my sister - I'm writing in all our definates as a momento book!

Glittery silver ink for my card making!

A gorgeous thick snuggly chunky knit throw! I love curling up in this!

A stunning wire cotton reel rack from my sister! Full of cotton reels now and waiting to go up on the wall somewhere!!!

See I told you I was spoilt! I was even treated to lunch, and then a yummy chocolate birthday cake afterwards with a big '6' sparkler on top! Yes you heard right! I am 6 tomorrow! Yay!

Then when I got home after an eventful weekend, the fiance had brought me back some little treats from his weekend away...

Chocolate from Chatsworth - which I MUST visit! And an original Bakewell Tart from Bakewell!

Isn't he sweet!?

As the name suggests this is just part one of my birthday treats as it isn't even my birthday yet! Tomorrow is my ACTUAL birthday! I'm sure you're wondering why I say 'actual' but usually I don't have a birthday! 

Every year I have to celebrate on the 28th - feeling like a bit of a fraud! This year I actually get a 29th and as it only comes every 4 years I like to make a big deal of it!

Tomorrow I have the most amazing present from the fiance! I managed to give the game away cos I'm silly so I already know about it - but I will leave you all in suspense!

Love Jewel xXx


  1. Oooh such gorgeous gifts :) Happy Birthday for exciting!

    Jo x x

  2. Heehee Julie - you are now on the rocky road of collecting EB pottery. Gorgeous mug pickle xx

  3. Wow you have been spoilt, what fab presents. I love, love, love the cotton reel holder, how cute is that. I also have that Vintage craft book, James bought it for me for Christmas last year, I have made a couple of things from it but would love to make many more :) x x x x

  4. What a bunch of wonderful presents you got, Julie! You were really well spoilt. Hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow!

  5. Happy Birthday, TOMORROW, Jewel! My son's birthday is today. He was a month early and we thought he was going to wait until the 29th (for it was Leap Year that year), but he couldn't wait any longer. His brother was really disappointed because he wanted to tease him about his birthday. LOL!! I guess maybe you get teased sometimes, too, but looks like you are taking it in good strides. Your gifts are amazing and it just shows how much you are loved and appreciated. I hope this day is GREAT and your birthday AWESOME! Live it up girl, for you are a big 6!!

  6. Wow, totally spoilt - Love the personalised starry mug - lucky you! Have a fabby day x

  7. Wow, what wonderful gifts you've received and it isn't even your birthday yet. I love that cotton reel rack, so quirky. Happy birthday for tomorrow.

  8. O wow Juli what lovely gifts. I love the oven glove and the throw looks so cosy.
    I got Just Dance 3 a few weeks ago and think its really good. O and you can`t beat a Harry Potterathon.

  9. Wow, lucky birthday girl!! love your EB mug, I have a couple of mugs in this design in blue :) also lusting after your thread holder, so cute! have a great week sweetie :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. You are lucky! Emma Bridgewater has meant a lot to our area and seeing Made in Stoke-on-Trent, well thats how it should be, not made in China.

  11. Have a lovely lovely birthday - with lots of celebrating to make up for the ones you have "missed"!!


  12. wow what wonderful presents! love them all x
    Wishing you a very happy birthday for tomorrow x

  13. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! How lovely being a leap year baby :o) You had fabulous gifts esp the mug. Scarlett x

  14. Happy 6th Birthday Juli! Hope you have a lovely day and the fiance spoils you rotten!
    I've just managed to catch up on your last 4 blog entries - they pop into my work email but I've been so busy lately I've not had the chance :(
    Your wee aprons looked great - brought life back to previously unloved tablecloths!
    My mum tought me to cross stitch when I was a child, and if I had the time I'd still be doing it - did you see the picture my sister made of our dog? (It's posted on facebook!) It can be so relaxing, but be prepared to be frustrated wuntil you get the hang of it... and make sure your stitches all go in the same direction! Enjoy lovely lady xxx

  15. Happy Birthday!! :) What a lovely selection of Birthday pressies. I love your new personalised mug..perfect for those cups of tea. I like the chunky knit throw as well..that looks super cosy.
    Have a great day today :)

  16. woweee jewel what a gorgeous stash of gifts, i think you deserve them as you only get your 'actual' birthday every 4 years ;o)
    Happy belated birthday to you!!!!
    have a lovely weekend
    love jooles x

  17. Awwww lovely birthday gifts you got there! so lucky and yep you're double lucky as you're only 6! hehehehe im so jealous of you! i love the wire reel rack you got from your sister! where did she get it? hehe loving the personalised emma B's mug too! it's gorgeous! and how sweet of your fiancee to spoil you with those delicious chocs and i love the double oven gloves and the chunky knit throw! oooh don't you just love birthdays!! hehe

    xx susan


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