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Hey Everyone...

A second little blog tonight as I have soooo much to blog about! This is just a quick one to say a very big thank you to two lovely bloggers who have given me awards...

The lovely Justine from Emma Bear Forever has given me the Liebster Blog award...

And the lovely Rae from Felt By Rae has given me the Versatile Blogger award...

Thank you sooo much ladies! It really means to much to me to get these awards! Can you believe I have had both of them already this month! It's lovely to feel so popular! Which reminds me, I must say a big THANK YOU to all my new followers! I hope you'll enjoy my blog!

Oh and I was also tagged by the lovely Gem from Miss Magpie's Musings! I have never been tagged before! Luckily Gem gave me the instructions...

1) You must post 11 random things about yourself;

2) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post;

3) Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer;

4) Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them;

5) No stuff about 'you're tagged if you're reading this' - legitimately tag people.

Ok so... Eleven random things...

1. I MUST take the tea bag out of my cup of tea before putting in the milk - otherwise it tastes too much like tea - yep I said it - tea bags make the milk taste like tea (ok I am strange, I get it!)

2. I have a rather big fear of ice skating - I used to ice skate as a child, but I stopped and now I'm too scared as I think I am going to fall over and someone is going to skate over my hand and cut it off (apparently this is a more common fear than one might think!)

3. I hit caps lock on the keyboard every time I want a capital letter instead of 'shift'. This means I am doubling the time it takes me to type a capital letter, but I don't care! I type fast, so it works!

4. According to the fiance, my trousers are always one leg in and one leg out when I put them in the wash! I have no idea how or why this happens!

5. I talk in my sleep (again the fiance tells me so) and I answer back to questions! Generally though I don't make much sense! My most infamous speech was something about penguins!

6. I once composed a rap called 'Huggle Time' based on the classic 'U Can't Touch This' - my version was far better!

7. I call my elbow 'bobo'.

8. And I call a hot water bottle a 'hottle'.

9. I have to drink a lot of water when eating - I don't really know why but I think I would choke if I didn't! My mother thinks it's weird to drink and eat at the same time!

10. My soft toys (yes I have soft toys) all have names that begin in 'schm...' For example... Schmudding, schmuzzle, schmimp, schmuli!

11. We call our cat Lasagna a lot, because it rhymes with Anya. I don't think she notices the difference.

Ok and now the questions that Gem posted for me...

1. Favourite flavour of ice cream?
Chocolate Fudge Brownie - Ben and Jerry Stylee

2.What is you most beloved accessory?
My beautiful Tiffany diamond engagement ring

3. If you were a cartoon character, who would you be and why?
Jessica Rabbit - cos she's sexy!

4.What is your first memory?
I'm not sure - most of my earliest memories are actually from home videos! The earliest one I remember that is definately not on video, is sneaking downstairs at night into the garden to look at the moon for my homework because I had forgotten.

5.What is your favourite website?
Blogger - Well blogs in general!

6.If you could go on holiday/vacation tomorrow where would you go?
Florida - Disneyworld!

7. What is your favourite time of year?
I used to say Autumn, but I am being more drawn to Winter too

8.What was the last thing that made you jump out of your skin?
A door slamming at work

9. Where is your favourite place in the whole world?

10. Bread or potatoes?

11.If you could do it all again would you?
Yes, but I'd relax more!

The eleven questions I would like to ask are:

1. What is your favourite animal and why?
2. If you could have a super power what would it be?
3. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
4. What is your favourite book?
5. Why do you blog?
6. Whose blog would you love to read?
7. What last made you cry?
8. What is the first thing you do when you walk in the door?
9. What is the last thing you do before going to sleep?
10. Where would you love to live?
11. If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?

And the people I would like to tag are...

Gem's Country Life Dream

Lucy Moo

Miss Tea

The Krafty Cupcake

Tea Cups & Bunting

Little Gem's Diary

Cider With Sophie

Sew Ray Me

Phew! I do hope that hasn't bored you to death! And I hope everyone doesn't mind being tagged! I can't wait to hear your answers!

Just before I head of to bed I just wanted to show you a couple of little treats I bought myself...

Pretty Little Butterfly Stamp & Big Thick Knitting Needles

And after much encouragement from some lovely blog ladies - the latest cross stitcher magazine!

I WILL learn to cross stitch and I WILL make that beautiful Emma Bridgewater cushion!

I am in love - I want to make every project in the magazine!

Oh dear! Another obsession!

Love Jewel xXx 


  1. Ahhh thank you my lovely. I love your facts and the answers to your questions. I have a few posts planned so will do this later in the week, it will give me a chance to think of some random facts about me.

    I also have to put the milk in after taking the tea bag out but I think it is more through habbit than anything.
    I have subscribed to the cross stitcher magazine through my Tesco vouchers. I'm going to the Stitch & Craft show at Olympia in a few weeks, you should go, it is a great day out and lots of crafty goodness :) x x x x

  2. Congrats on your awards! Very interesting random facts - I like to add the milk after the Tea bag is out too!
    Good luck on your cross stitching, you can do it! x

  3. Oh thank you Julie!

    I did enjoy reading your facts, they were good interesting ones! Heehee, you *have* to take the tea bag out of your tea before putting in the milk otherwise it's just wrong!!

  4. Thank you so much x I too have always done the teabag thing! Tea tastes rank if you leave it in!. I love the Cross stitcher magazine (I subscribe!) That cushion is on my huge list of things to do. Sue x

  5. AWHh thanks for this! I shall fill in your questions later this week! YAY im so glad you got the magazine!! I have LOVED 90% of the stuff in the magazines and that really says a lot as I have been getting it for over a year! I really love your holder on your latest post! Ive never seen one before and am now frantically googling! xxx

  6. Thanks for the tag, sounds like fun. I will try and post my answers etc at the end of this week (or so). I enjoyed reading your facts..the sleep speech about penguins sounds interesting :P I think Lasagne is a cute nick name for a cat..:)

  7. awwww congrats on your award, you deserved it! Thank you for the tag! though not sure when i'll be doing this hehe need to catch up on my lovelies'blogs that i miss! It's nice to know a little more about you! and we have a few things in common there! I too had to take out the tea bag before pouring the milk and i dont like to put the tea bag too long and it makes the tea too thick hehe, I talk in my sleep too says hubby and scream and cry and sometimes i hit him too in my sleep (weird i know) cute that you call ur elbow bobo and hot water bottle hottles hehehe...

    xx susan


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