Hey Everyone...

Happy Weekend Everyone! Hope you all have a lovely time! Just a quick blog this morning, as I am off out to meet my maid of honour to do some shopping!

I just wanted to share a picture of my cute little kitty which is making me smile...

And a picture of a cute little teapot that I picked up from a freecycler last night!

Pretty Red & White Enamel

The fiance suddenly said 'I like the idea of enamel, it won't break'

I think I might be able to get away with finding some more enamelware for our home, under the pretense of it being unbreakable! Then again he'll be reading this so I've probably blown it now! Oh well!

Anyway, Any ideas what I can use this little cutie for? 

Love Jewel xXx


  1. Hi Jewel, I emailed you a while ago asking for your address, but it must have gone in your spam, my email address is if you could please email me your address, great blog by the way! Niky x

  2. Juli, i like your thinking! Enamel, perfect for your home as its unbreakable!! I think it would look nice with some flowers in it, or maybe a little plant if you didn't want to use it. Not sure if you could fit a plant in it, but could look nice? P.S Anya looks soo cute - love it when cats do that pose! x

  3. oh your kitty is super cuteeeeee! the enamel cute little teapot is just adorable! i also love enamelware but sadly not alot out there in my local charity shops where i mostly buy my things hehe...well it's already cute as it is so not sure what it's for other than sit prettily in a shelf or kitchen hehehe.

    x susan


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