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Hey Everyone...

Happy Weekend! Oh I am so happy it is here! However, I know it will go in a flash as I have lots going on! This evening I am off out for an early birthday celebration with a friend and tomorrow is another birthday celebration with my family!

But before I go MIA for the weekend I wanted to show you some photos I took on Thursday! If you didn't know I work in central London on Thursdays! It really is the highlight of my week! I love being in the city!

This week was extra special as on my short walk from Green Park tube station to Buckingham Palace, I saw something a little different in the park... HUGE EGGS!

Egg One - Green Park

Turns out there are 200 eggs around the city in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! They will only be there for the 40 days and 40 nights of lent! And the challenge is to 'collect' them all! 

Well I love a good challenge! So I started in earnest on Thursday!

Egg Two - Green Park

I saw 4 in Green Park alone - although I didn't get close enough to one to photograph it - I am planning to catch it next Thursday!

Egg Three - Green Park
Then after work, walking to Oxford Street, I found another four in Berkley Square...

Egg Four - Berkley Square

Egg Five - Berkley Square

Egg Six - Berkley Square

Egg Seven - Berkley Square
Then as I walked towards Regent's Street I found a few more...

Egg Eight

Egg Nine

Egg Ten
This is my favourite so far! Covered in pretty white flowers! You can also bid on the eggs - but this one was already up to £300 - out of my price range.

Egg Eleven
Each egg was designed by a different person, and you can 'scan' yourself in using your iPhone and 'check in' to prove that you've seen each egg. You're also encouraged to text in a 'key word' at each egg for a chance to win a £100,000 golden faberge egg! Although at 25p a text that would be £50 if you did the lot (although some of the money does go to charity).

I know lots of people are going hardcore egg hunting, and I would love to do that! If I have a free day before the end of the 40 days I might just have to give it a go, but in the meantime I will use my Thursdays to try and spot as many as I can! I will of course keep you updated on my progress!

I'm a little egg obsessed! Silly me, I tend to get easily obsessed! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Love Jewel xXx


  1. Love the eggs, we went a bit elephant mad when they had the Elephant Parade up in london

  2. What fun. I wish I lived closer to London so I could go egg hunting too. I think number eight is my favourite.

  3. How brilliant is that? Enjoy your weekend.

  4. What a fun idea, I think the egg covered in white flowers is my favourite as well. Happy Egg Searching! :)

  5. Sounds fun to go egg hunting!! Good luck in the quest hehe, i love egg number 4 in berkley square, it's too cute!!

    x susan


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