Pamper Time...

Hey Everyone...

Double blog today! I hope you're not too bored! Some of you noticed in my last post that there was something different about me! 

I FINALLY got my hair done! It's been well over a year, and so well overdue! I had bought a groupon voucher which was a fantastic deal, but obviously I wasn't the only one who snapped it up and I have had to wait until now to get an appointment.

Finally on Saturday the wait was over! The lovely fiance drove me all the way to Essex (yes that was stupid of me to buy a deal so far away, but it was such a good deal!)

The salon was beautifully decorated and on arrival the staff were fantastically smiley and helpful! A lovely welcome! All the staff were so lovely throughout, I would thoroughly recommend the salon which is called Hairitage and is based in Chelmsford centre.

Anyway here I am looking beautiful... well... almost there...

I had a half head of highlights and a cut, and they also surprised me with a mini manicure that I didn't realise was included!

And I was also presented with this...

How gorgeous is that! A cute single teapot and cup... and can you see that beauty in the corner...

A gorgeous little chocolate cupcake with a sparkly red heart - getting us in the mood for Valentine's I think!

And here is the result...

Very blonde - much blonder than it looks in the picture! And nice neat ends, with some lovely layers!

Phew - that feels better!

I was so lovely to be pampered for three hours! I love when they rinse your hair and give you a mini head massage, and the mini manicure and cupcake were the icing on the cake (ha literally!)

So what do you ladies think?

Love Jewel xXx

p.s. These are just my opinions, the salon don't know I am reviewing them, but if you live near Chelmsford I would go there all the time!


  1. This is the most I have ever been on blogger today, The wee ones have been busy playing with lego today so had some free time. Love the hair, I have just gone brown after a hundred million years. Will kind of miss those pamper days that take 3 hours! I live in Wales, so am miles away from Chelmsford, but got a really sweet hairdressers here too which is handy up the road. Take care and enjoy your new hair, make sure you go out now!
    Becca x

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous... Very glam!! I have my hair cut every 6 weeks with a mobile hairdresser friend of mine as it's super short (much cheaper for my regular cuts but far less pampering). It's nice to have a special treat now and again though isn't it? :-)

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my quilt is daunting but starting off small is the way to go I think. Then it also doesn't take an aaage to finish either!
    Have a great week,
    Louise xx

  3. Your hair looks great! The salon sounds amazing as well, with all those extra touches. I love the fact that they serve tea, with your own teaset. That cupcake looks far to delicious!

  4. Loving the hair. I can't believe you went all the way to Chelmsford and didn't tell me though, that is where I live! Never mind we will be meeting up soon, but if ever you are in Chelmsford again let me know and we can catch up :) x x x x

  5. What a treat, your hair looks fab! So nice to be pampered :o) Scarlett x P.s Happy Valentines :o)

  6. It does look nice, love the waves.

  7. You look gorgeous! love the new hair and color and what a treat!! that single teapot is sooo cutee and they gave you a cute heart choc cupcake too!! ohh i'm sooo want to be pampered like that!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    xx susan

  8. I love the do! The ends look very bouncy! And what wonderful gifts you received. I bet the cupcake was divine. It was very sweet of your fiance to take you to be pampered.
    Enjoy the beautiful hair and your great day.

  9. Shame I didn't know you were in Chelmsford as that's not too far from me!

    I've seen a few of these groupon hair deals and must give one a try.

    Victoria xx

    PS Hair looks fab! x


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