It's Award's Season!

Hey Everyone,
Can you believe it? I have won an award! No not a BAFTA or a Grammy!

The lovely Twinkle Star of Twinkles Tutus Twirls has given me the Versatile Blogger award!

Thank you soooo much! I gratefully accept!
The rules for accepting the award are:

Add the award button to your blog.

Thank the blogger who awarded you.

Mention 7 random things about yourself (below).

List the rules.

Pass the award on to 7 amazing blogs.

Inform each of the 7 by leaving them a comment.

Well, here are 7 random facts about me:

I have received this award before - so I will try not to repeat myself (you can see my last seven facts here!)

1. I have a cat called Anya and she is the best cat in the world! I have had her since I was eleven, and now she lives with us in North London!

2. I work as an assistant psychologist in a Forensic inpatient unit with offenders with Mental Health problems - So don't mess with me hey! :P

3. I really HATE coffee! I don't mean dislike! HATE! Which is rather frustrating, as most people always offer me coffee and don't believe me when I say I don't drink it!

4. I can't survive without 8 hours sleep! This means I am usually in bed by 10pm every evening, including weekends! Which annoys the fiance no end! I am just a tired girl!

5. I am stupidly organised! I hate mess and things being out of order (although I wouldn't quite say I am OCD). This comes in handy all of the time (everyone should be organised, the world would work better) but means it's hard to live or work with messy people!

6. I ran the Great South Run in October 2009. I used to run a lot and built up to this 10 mile run! I wish I still ran, but it was causing me a lot of stress! The sense of acheievement really is fantastic though!

7. I am about to turn 6 years old (think I'm crazy? Read my last award post then!)

Wow that was hard and has made me realise just how terribly boring I am! Ha!

So time to pass on the award to 7 blogs that I love and think you will all love too! I know that lots of bloggers won't necesarrily blog about these awards but I think it is a great way to share the blogs you follow, so here goes...

Gem's Country Life Dream - who is such a lovely friend

Coco Rose Diaries - who is always making such beautiful creations

 Cornflower Blue - who has some lovely crochet tutorials

Madelief - who takes such beautiful pictures

Sew Sweet Violet - who also makes such pretty things

Tea Diary - who is becoming a crochet expert

The Krafty Cupcake - who is very talented!

I know my explanations don't give much away, but that is why you simply must visit these inspiring blogs written by such wonderful people!

Love Jewel xXx


  1. Awww, thanks for accepting - totally well-deserved! Interesting facts, I am totally with you on the sleep thing - but with 3 little ones that don't sleep, getting any proper sleep myself just doesn't happen! Have a splendiferous day! x

  2. Congratulations on your award, well done, sorry been busy for a while and haven't said hello, love all your photographs, take care for now, Becca x

  3. Congartualtions on your award and thank you so much my lovely for passing it on to me :) x x x x x

  4. Thanks for your comment, didn't realise about no reply thing, how do I fix it? yikes, man I'm so out of touch! x

    1. Replying now to all links, to make sure it works! heheh

  5. Congratulations on your award! Its always interesting to hear a few new things about our fellow bloggers!
    Well Done ot those blogs to whom you've passed the awards - is definitely awards season!

    Gill xx

  6. Hi Jewel,

    Congratulations on your award! Isn't it fun receiving one? Thank you for awarding it to me too. I feel very much flattered. I hope you won't be angry for me not accepting. I really don't know who to give it to. There are so many beautiful blogs.

    I enjoyed reading more about you. I see we have some things in common (organised & needing lots of sleep :-))

    I already know some of the blogs you mentioned, but will check out the others!

    Have a lovely new week!

    Madelief x

  7. Awww Congrats and Thank you for the award, so honored! and I do love to know a little more about you! I've seen Anya and she's a cutie! and I wish i'm an organised person, it's in my resolution this year hehe

    xx susan


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