Cute Little Crochet...

Hey Everyone...

I hope you're all having a good week so far! It feels so good to know I have a short week this week at work! It's for a special occasion which I will of course blog about soon.

But tonight I have some lovely things to show you! I am smitten...

Whilst having a rather slow day yesterday I searched for some simple crochet tutorials to get my hook into!

I made some more little hearts, which I learnt in January, this time using three sweet coloured yarns!

Then I attempted something new - using a you tube tutorial recommended by Susan at Tea Diary...

Aren't they the cutest! Three little bows! I love them!

Then I decided to go one better and be adventurous! This time a flower, but not just any flower... with two colours! 

I was so proud of myself - this one was following a written tutorial and I am starting to learn the shorthand now!

I have never made a bow, or a flower, or used two different yarns in one thing!

Last night I did all three and I am very proud of myself!

My achievement!

I know it seems silly, I know most of you mastered these skills long ago, but for someone who had never picked up a crochet hook before I feel like a master!

And I love the satisfaction I get from finishing these mini projects so quickly! Instant gratification!

Next I want to make a large heart! I was going to try it last night, but the mention of a rotating chain scared me slightly!

Oooo I am in love with pretty coloured yarns in pretty little shapes!

Love Jewel


  1. Loving the crochet, need to get my hook out again soon and catch you and susan up! Scarlett x

  2. These are super - love the little hearts especially!


  3. Everything is really cute. Love the bows. Would make lovely hair slides. :)

  4. Oh wow, these are all gorgeous, I am very impressed and dare I say a little jealous, I'd love to be able to make things like this, they are so cute x x x x

  5. Fab makes, well done! Wish I could crochet, I really need to have a go! x

  6. Well done! Not silly at all to feel proud, it is a huge achievement. I only learnt a couple of years ago so I still remember that heady feeling of making something from more than one colour! I seem to remember I was so smitten in the early days I sat outside one summer crocheting for hours, neglecting everything else!
    Enjoy the feeling, it will spur you on to even greater achievements!
    Thanks for popping in, and for leaving a comment - glad you found the photos cheery!
    Gill xx

  7. Oh those bows certainly are the cutest!

    Victoria xx

  8. I never learned to crochet, so I am very impressed! I think you are on a roll now!

    Pomona x

  9. i am a newbie to crochet too, i am so impressed, keep up the good work
    thank you for your very sweet comment
    love jooles x

  10. you did a great job on making those cute crochet hearts, bows and two colored flower! i love all of them and i love the pics too with those yummy cupcakes! I'm still learning myself on how to read the pattern though i'd prefer youtube to teach me how as pattern still make me confused :) we'll get there!! can't wait to see the large heart you're making!

    xx susan

  11. You made them?! My good Julie they are amazing! My hearts are AMAZING! I LOVE THEM! Which tutorial did you use for the hearts? Would you be able to send me the link? Ive been desperately trying to master them! They look professional so you really should be proud. xxx


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