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Hey Everyone...

Yesterday was such a lovely day! Yes it was cold, but we braved it to go to the lovely Borough Market. The fiance had promised to cook me dinner and so we went in search for some lovely ingredients!

We had to stop for lunch though...

Tea & cake of course!

We have been to this lovely little cake shop before! They have such beautiful looking cakes! And it was a welcome break from the cold wind!

And look at the yummy delights they were selling outside! How could you not be drawn in, with those pretty pastel colours?

The market is such a beautiful place (as long as you ignore the dead animals)

They have stunning flowers, there is a a mix of luscious smells, and the whole place is steeped in history with classic buildings!

As you can see, this lovely old market now has a rather modern backdrop - The shard!

We picked up some fresh mushrooms, onions, sweet potatoe, shallot goats cheese and sea salt & rosemary foccacia for dinner, with a cherry and almond tart, with fresh Neals Yard Diary cream for dessert!

And to make the most of our day we decided to walk from Borough, over London Bridge to Bank.

The view of Tower Bridge was phenomenal! It just can't be caught on camera!

On our little walk we spotted this little old house, surrounded by modern office blocks! I just loved the juxtaposition I had to take a snap!

And overnight the snow settled in, ruining our plans, but making some much needed time for making wedding favours! 

What have you been doing this weekend?

Love Jewel

P.S. If you haven't already seen, I am hosting an afternoon tea swap - would you like to join in - here?


  1. Ooo lovely macaroons! I love the sound of your trip to buy ingredients for a delicious meal. I need some of those blue cups too!
    We had a cosy day in and some little sandwiches, homemade cakes and a pot of tea this afternoon.

  2. I have never been to Borough Market despite popping into London a lot. I'm totally going there, and somehow a visit during the winter sounds all the more appealing.

    I love your blog, I'm so glad I found it. I really enjoy reading it and your pictures are right up my street.

    Have a great week. Nicki x

  3. Ohhh i'm drooling over those yummy cakes on display! i've never been to Borough Market but all the photos look lovely, you two are a sweet couple! how sweet of your fiance to cook you a delicious dinner! the little house is adorable despite the location between the modern buildings!

    x susan

  4. Look at all those cakes....yummy....

  5. I work in Bank and why I don't go to Borough market more often I don't know!

    Victoria xxx


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