A Very Special Birthday...

Hey Everyone...

Thank you so much for all your lovely birthday wishes for the fiance! I passed them all onto him! We had a really great day!

It was a very special birthday for The Fiance, but he didn't want a big fuss, and so we just had a lovely evening with a trip to the cinema and a yummy dinner!

I bought him a telescope, as we both love starwatching and he would love to be able to do it from home!

He also got a new guitar from his dad and a case for his mandolin! He must have a whole ten piece band by now!

So last night I took him to see 'The Artist' at our local old cinema The Phoenix which was fantastic, and we both really enjoyed!

Then we jumped on the tube to Greek Street in Soho, to have a lovely dinner at L'Escargot, one of Marco Pierre White's restaurants...

Sorry about the pictures - it was a romantically lit restaurant!

The staff were really lovely! When I booked I had mentioned that it was The Fiance's 30th (whoops, let it slip) and so they brought out his dessert...

...With a lovely birthday message and a candle! Then they gave him a little glass of very expensive looking port - all on the house! 

Then today I finally finished his birthday cake which I started early yesterday morning...

Notice anything different? I'll blog about it tomorrow!

I think he liked it! Fruit cake with marzipan! And as I hate fruit cake and marzipan, he has the whole thing to himself!

I think he had a very happy birthday!

Just once more - Happy Birthday!

Love Jewel xXx


  1. Looks like he was really spoilt!

    Your hair looks lovely!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. Like your hair, really suits you.

  3. Wow, he certainly doesn't look 30 that's for sure, he must be doing something right :)

    Love your hair, it really suits you. What made you go for a change?

    Looks like he had a lovely birthday, you spoiled him loads but hey isn't that what birthday's are all about!

    x x x x

  4. Awwww your fiance and my husband share a few things in common, doesnt like a big fuss on birthdays and like to starwatch, my husband's birthday is coming up this month too and we already plan to just watch a movie in the cinema, he wants to see the new sherlock holmes hehe...what a lovely restaurant you two went! how lovely that they made him a yummy dessert with happy birthday and gave him an expensive port! love the cake you made! i too dont like dried fruits in a cake and marzipan urghh...hehehe you spoiled him rotten! he sure looks so happy! did you cut your hair btw? hehehe looks cute!

    xx susan


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