A Bad Day... But A Productive One...

Hi Everyone,

Today was my PHD interview, it didn't go well - or least I don't feel like it went well, people are trying to reassure me, but I'm not keeping my hopes up, I find out on Thursday at 2pm, so I will let you all know when I blog...

But to take my mind off my awful, stressful morning, I stopped in at Emporium Tea Rooms where my fiance treated me to lunch, and then came home and spent the afternoon finishing my secret project.... and its ALL DONE! I'm very proud of myself and think it looks fantastic! I will show you all photos in a while but I have to keep it secret for a while longer!

I sat in the garden to do a lot of the work, and admired my rose buds - just about to bloom I think...

When I finished the project I felt really good, especially after my bad morning it was good to know I was good at something! I am now spending the evening drowning my sorrows before my detox tomorrow (which I will blog about tomorrow!) Hope you've all had a better start to the week!

Jewel x


  1. I'll keep my fingers, arms and legs crossed for you, you should think positive!

  2. i'm sorry that you felt the interview didnt go well but i do hope it turned out well! I too have been down in dumps lately coz i've been sending lots of CVs since 2 years ago, countless...only once i got accepted and that was temporary job over christmas, after that im back being jobless again, it's hard to keep positive when you've tried all you could but still no result, but anyways i guess i'll have to try again and again, that's all i can do. anyways Love the rose's bud, you got green thumbs, unlike me, always manage to kill plants hehe, i cant wait to see your secret project and ooooh love the sewing (i assume it is) basket there you got! is it CK? love the pattern! HUGGLES! Susan.

  3. I'll have my fingers crossed for you! These things always are better than you think, xxx

  4. You never know it might of just been your nerves ....chin up and I shall keep my fingers crossed for you xx

  5. Hope the week gets better. I've had a bit of an odd day but hopefully come tomorrow things will be OK, same for you. These things come to test us....

  6. Try to be positive, my worst interview resulted in my current job! Fingers crossed :)

  7. I'll have my fingers crossed for Thursday, good luck, Lucey x

  8. Hi Jewel,
    I am sorry to hear that perhaps your interview didn't go well. I am sure that if it is not this time, there is something much better ahead for you. Your rose buds are looking like will bloom into gorgeous roses. I can't wait to see and also to know about your secret project. :)

  9. Well like everyone else I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you think! I have a friend at work and she always says how bad she's done at tests and things and comes out with flying colours and I'm sure your interview will be the same!

    Victoria xx


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