There's Always Next Year...

Hi Everyone...

(This is a post which got deleted when blogger went down! I debated re-posting it but I thought I should - unfortunately I lost all of the lovely supportive comments - but a big thank you for them! I did see them all!)

Well I didn't get onto the PHD. I'm very disappointed, but I knew deep down. I have blown the detox (I had four chocolates and a cup of much needed tea when I found out) and so have decided to REALLY blow it and have a takeaway and wine to cheer myself up! I will start the detox again when I have two clear weeks (three birthdays and our anniversary all fall in the next two weeks).
I don't have much to blog about unfortunately..
...But now that the interview is over and done with I have more time to get crafty and wedding plan so I will be updating you all on that very soon!
On a positive, within an hour of posting my latest Folksy item, I have had one order and another enquiry, which is fantastic! Best get crafting! Please take a look at the shop and pass it on to anyone and everyone!

Jewel x


  1. Well, I am sorry you didn't get to PHD but in another hand congratulations on your Folksy sale. :)
    And yes, the detox can start again on a calmer time. ;)

  2. oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the PHD.

    Definitely a time to blow the detox, as you say you can always start again.

  3. Everything happens for a reason! Even though it is hard to think like that at the moment I am sure! Blow the diet!!

    Great about the folksy sale though!


  4. Bad news and comfort food are made for each other! So sorry to hear that you did not get it.

  5. sending you a big hugs!! get crafty, enjoy the wine and the takeaway, getting busy helps and enjoy the coming soon birthdays and anniversary! x Susan

  6. Never mind sweetie, you gave it your best and there's always next time. Well done on the sales and hey, you deserved those choccies!! Lucey x


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