Thank You!

Thank you everyone of you who left a lovely reassuring comment on my blog! I would love to reply to you all individually but I had so many I wanted to dedicate a blog to you all!

Thank you for understanding that things aren't always good and lovely in life, and for letting me speak about it here! I don't think it will be a regular occurence but it's lovely to have the support of all of you!

I am very nervous about my interview on Monday, but all your good wishes have put a lovely smile on my face... I will of course let you know how it went!

Now to be a little more positive, I am off to Big Girl Craft Club tonight at Emporium Tea Rooms and will start work on a very special project! Unfortunately I won't be able to blog about it specifically but hopefully it will lift my mood a little!

I will try to refrain from blogging during the day tomorrow as I have taken the whole day off to prepare for my interview and should try not to procrastinate! Wish me luck and thank you again for all your kind and thoughtful comments, it's lovely to have support from so many people who you have never even met!

Jewel x


  1. I'm sorry, I seem to of missed your last post but I think Victoria has summed it up with her comment!
    I hope thinks start looking alittle brighter for you soon.
    Good luck with the interview and have a fab craft evening!

    B xxx

  2. Sorry to hear you were feeling so down on your last blog! Life is too short to be living it in a way that makes you sad!! So fingers crossed for your interview and I hope this will be the start of a fresh and exciting beginning!
    Enjoy your evening and forget about it all while you immerse yourself in crafts!

  3. Hello Jewel,
    Thanks for popping by my blog earlier on today. Im so glad that we have been paired together for Lucey's button swap. I've taken a good look through your blog and have a few ideas, but perhaps you could contact me at with a few of your likes and dislikes that would be great. Looking forward to hearing from you, this is only my third swap, Justine xx

  4. Good luck for your interview!

    Victoria xx


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