A Beautiful Set Of China...

Hey Everyone...

How have your weekends been? I hope the weather hasn't ruined your plans! I just wanted to share a quick blog with you this evening.

I spent the day at my mum's, which is always lovely as my fiance enjoys playing with my niece's and nephew and I catch up with my mum and have a meal cooked for us!

Today, we suddenly remembered about an old tea set and dinner set of my Grandmother's that my mum has in her cupboard. A while ago when I discovered it, hidden in the back of the cupboard she said it was mine to take, but I didn't want to take it until the flat was in order and we had somewhere safe to display it.

Now the flat is all ready but...

...the fiance says we don't have room! :(

He is kind of right - it's a huge set - 6 of everything - plates, side plates, bowls, cups, saucers, coffee cups & saucers and then serving dishes, coffee and tea pot, sugar bowl and jug!

It's so beautiful I start to shake and drowl just writing about it. It isn't a design I would have chosen, but it is beautiful! I only managed a grainy picture on my cameraphone of one of the plates for now...

Just to whet your appetite!

It is from Sri Lanka and belonged to my Father's Mother - who I am named after in one of my middle names! It is called Noritake Sri Lanka Blue Hill and is just beautiful.

From the looks of it, it has never been used, and currently is hidden away in a cupboard! I can't wait to get my hands on it and display it in pride of place - but the fiance wants us to wait until we have moved and have more space - that could be years from now!

We have space in the top of one of my cupboards if we just move things around but the fiance has a fear of things falling down (especially the cupboards as we put them up on the wall ourselves!) and he is a little clumsy (he's broken a few of our precious things by accident) so I understand his concerns - but I really want them here!

Oh what to do....

Jewel x


  1. I have a cup and saucer in that design, very delicate and pretty. Hope you manage to find a solution soon! x

  2. It's so pretty and perfect for some elegant dinner parties!!

    Victoria xx

  3. It is so pretty and very elegant. Perhaps I could look after it for you till you move!?!?!


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