Come On Folks...

Hi Everyone...

Well since announcing my 50 followers giveaway.... I still haven't had anymore followers! Please pass on the message, I have some lovely little bits already for the giveaway, and everyone loves a giveaway!

Well today was the second day of my detox. Still going well, I've been very good. However, the sugar cravings are really bad now, as is my need for tea! I'm off out for 'dinner' with my fiance's friends tonight, but I'm just going to have to drink water and green tea :(

But it will all be worth it I'm sure! Well I hope so!

So I've been distracting myself from my sugar cravings but listing another item on my folksy shop - Pretty Little Jewels - please take a look and pass on the message to anyone and everyone! There will be lots more added soon!

And tomorrow is judgement day, when I find out if I got on the PHD or not! People have been lovely and reassuring me, but I'm worried I now have false hope! I really have no idea, but I'll will blog tomorrow night to let you all know! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

I'll leave you with a picture of my lovely orchid the fiance bought me a week or so ago - it's almost completing bloomed - how lovely...

Jewel x


  1. Hi Juli, what a gorgeous Orchid ~ you lucky lady :) Fingers crossed for tomorrow x As for the followers, I would not worry it takes a while to build up your followers xx

  2. How do you have the willpower.... I couldn't resist a chocolate covered donut at work today! The only good thing was that I took one bite and didn't like it so threw it away!!

    Victoria xxx

  3. when there's tea there's hope, when we're still breathing we're still hoping, i do hope you'll get the PHD!! on the other hand, it would be tough for me to go out for dinner but cant have what i want or drooling for or drink hehehe but you can do it!! you'll get to 50 followers, it takes a long time for me but you'll get there! loveeee your orchid in its glory!!! x Susan

  4. Until tomorrow....everything crossed!


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