A Rather Belated Spring Clean...

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick blog tonight - but a longer one tomorrow I promise! Tonight myself and the fiance have started our spring clean. What a mammoth task it will be, even in a one bed flat.

We've already got a huge pile of stuff to be sent to the charity shop (or more thriftily sold on ebay or amazon). My fiance is currently working his way through his thousands of DVDs while I cook dinner!

The big push comes tomorrow! We're spending all day making our flat look beautiful and new again!

We've already found about 10 dead spiders, and 2 live ones, lots of mould in my books (yes MY, only my stuff ever gets mouldy, not his!) which I had to clean off. Unfortunately I lost a load of old newspapers from important events (7/7 etc) to the mould, but I do think I might be a bit crazy to have kept them anyway!

The worst part is going to be working through my wardrobe - I know I am not going to want to throw anything out, despite only wearing half of it! So wish us luck!

Let the cleaning and organising begin!

Jewel x


  1. Is the place you store your books against an outside wall? If so that could be the cause of the mould. Try moving the bookcase or whatever away from the wall an inch or so and open a window, you need to let air circulate. I speak from bitter, bitter experience of mould.

  2. good luck on your spring cleaning, hate it...especially cleaning and sorting out my wardrobe, kitchen and the rest of the house, urghhh...not to mention the creepy crawlies that we're gonna find! but it'll be worth it!! x Susan

  3. Oh I hate doing big cleans but I love the feeling afterwards when everything is clean and tidy! Enjoy! x

  4. I hate having clear outs, it normally ends with me very tired and trying to find the bed at 11pm after I have pleaced just about everything on there. But, I am the same as BibBob :) I always feel so much better afterwards and everything looks so lovely and fresh. Good luck tomorrow xx


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