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Hey Everyone...

Well last night the fiance and I had a tiff (that's a nice way of saying an argument). I don't want to dwell on it, but when I came home from work today, some lovely things were waiting for me...

A beautiful bunch of flowers

A bottle of yummy rose!

A stamp for all my homemade goodies!

I shouldn't admit this (because I'll never live it down) but I am a very lucky girl and I really appreciate everything he does for me!

While he was out last night I decided to be productive - I used a tutorial from A Day With Doris' blog, which was mentioned by someone else, to make some lovely heart shaped sugar cubes!

They were super easy to make (although a little time consuming) and I really wanted some for our wedding! I was prepared to spend money on them, and then I found this tutorial! I am hopeful they will last a long time in a jar so I can start making them soon, rather than rushing to make them before the big day! I need to experiment with colours but I was really chuffed! What do you think?

Jewel x

P.S. Just wanted to share that i've put my free teacup and saucer from the car boot to good use! I bought a scrummy smelling 'Wedding Day' yankee candle and used it as a candle holder!

I really hope someone buys us a 'Wedding Day' yankee candle for the big day as it really smells divine! I might have to get one to calm me down on the morning!


  1. Great idea for the teacup!

    Victoria xx

  2. Hi ya,

    They are great, you did well! Very weddingy. Perfect wedding stuff, they'd look so gorgeous in a Bonne maman jam jar tied with a ribbon....think I may have to do that myself now.

    As for them lasting, they'll last indefinitely as sugar is a preservative in it's self. You would need to use cooled boiled water though not straight from the tap and you'd have to store them properly so they don't go all sweaty and sticky. You could pop a little sachet of silica gel in the container - selotaped to the lid out of the way.

    Right I'm off to put my hearts in a jar! Since not all were used at my tea party.

  3. How sweet of him... I wish my OH would do that when we have a tiff!! :)

  4. Those flowers are gorgeous, lucky girly x

    What a good way to use your teacup and saucer. I will be in touch again soon about our swap, I'm almost finished x

  5. I had the Yankee Candle Wedding Day for my wedding back in October. We only had a tiny wedding, back to our house for the reception, and I put lit the candle before we left for the registry office and when we all got back the house was filled with the beautiful scent. I'm thinking of buying one for our first anniversary, you know how smells send you right back to when you first smelt them... x

  6. Lovely flowers, and great use of your teacup x

  7. Lovely teacup! I didn't but the special Yankee candle for the Royal wedding, i'd kick myself!


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