The Joy Of Gardening...

Hey Everyone...

We're over the hump of the week - yay!

Just wanted to share some more of my gardening with you...

One of my roses has finally opened - although not fully yet...

I can't wait for them to really open up in all their glory - I will be a very proud first time gardener!

Today I also finally bought a plant for my 'flowers' tub that I bought at the car boot!

I think it looks beautiful next to my fully blossomed orchid on our lounge windowsill! Very homely.

Now I've just finished another secret project I will post about later, but here's a clue...

I'm off to Big Girl Craft Club tonight - not entirely sure what I'm going to work on - either start my niece's bunting or start making a union jack heart that I've been planning for a while!

Hope you all have a great evening!

Jewel x


  1. Oh the roses are waking up!!! So pretty!!
    Your secret project looks like is a yummy one. :)

  2. Lovely photos! Found your blog through the charity swapping! Scarlett x

  3. I miss my craft club - it's not been on for over a month :-(

    If I'm at home I'm welded to the flippin compuer! Glad you're up for the swap x

  4. I love your mixing bowl! Where did you get it?

  5. oooh love the flowers and the flowers tub! i always wanted to go to a craft club, might start looking around in my area!

    x susan


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