Sick Day...

Hey Everyone...

Two blogs today to make up for the long weekend of no blogs!

I too, like a lot of people, am having trouble posting comments on blogs! I keep trying but it keeps making me log in, but not logging me in! Scarlett I have tried to respond to your comment so we can swap addresses for the swap but I can't :( I'll try again tomorrow!

Well I just thought I'd post a picture of a lovely belated birthday present I received from my friend Shona over the weekend...

A beautiful Deco money bank! I don't have a money box, and love the Deco range so it's perfect! I'm chuffed!

Today I have been stuck at home off work with a horrible cold and icky tummy. I was feeling a little better during the day but now that it's getting late again I feel like death. I did manage something a little productive though...

The start of two felt brooches - I randomly decided to make! I need some brooch backs and have just ordered them from ebay. When they arrive I can add the back pieces and do running stitch all around the edges of both! Do you think I should use orange thread (rather than more red) for the running stitch on the left hand one? If so I need to get that too!

I'm hoping to sell them on Folksy once they are attached to a nice piece of card. How much do you think I can charge?

Hope you like them?

Jewel x


  1. Sorry to hear your ill hun, hope you get better soon. The deco money box is lovely! I had a problem with commenting too, have you tried unticking the 'keep signed in' box - i did that and it let me log in. Email me your addie to Ive been checking out your blog to see what you are into - very much the same pretty things as me! Scarlett x

  2. I hope you get well soon. I am not sure if people are having trouble commenting on my blog. I did a testing comment and it worked...
    Anwyay, get plenty of rest!

  3. Hope you are feeling much better soon.

    Just to be different I seem to be the only person on blogger who has no problem posting comments I just can't log out!
    Himself ended up wiping firefox and all our saved log ons so far that seems to have worked.

  4. What cute badges!!!

    Victoria xxx

    PS I'm not having any problems with commenting, if it helps I access my blogs through google reader.


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