Lovely Crafts Time...

Hi Everyone...

Hope you all had a good day! Last night was big girl craft club. It was a quiet night, and I almost didn't go myself as I was feeling a little down!

But I'm glad I did! I cut all the triangles for my niece's bunting - just need to cut out the letters for her name and sew it all together next time!

I also started work on my union jack stuffed heart that I had wanted to make for a while. I used the machine to sew the design and started to sew the two sides together. This is how far I got before the club was over for the evening...

It looks a little messy but I was proud I had created it from scratch! On the way there I stopped at the post depot to pick up a package...

It was my subscribers gift from the baked and delicious magazines (which my fiance had been buying for me). They are so useful and one of them was perfect for my secret project I completed last night!

I have so many pictures of things I have made I want to show you - but they are all secret! Please remind me to show you them! I don't want to forget!

When I got home last night, the fiance had been doodling - and I loved it so much I asked him to put it in a frame and I want to put it on our bathroom wall...

So cute!

Then when we got home this evening, the fiance and I sat in front of the TV to watch the apprentice we'd missed (he waited to watch it with me as I was at craft club - how sweet) and I finished off my heart!

Told you we were watching the apprentice lol! This is only the second heart i've made so I'm pretty proud with how it's turned out! It was nice to make something for myself as well, so it doesn't really matter that it's a little messy!

What have you all been making recently?

Jewel x


  1. awww your heart is very cute, well done on the make! Your fiance's drawing is very cool too! Scarlett x

  2. I have just finished knitting sock#1 of my first pair of socks. It has taken me four months (on and off...I'm not that slow). Hoping sock #2 will be ready before winter!

  3. Lovely heart, great doodle.

  4. Love the heart and cute doodle.

  5. Just visiting your pretty little blog from Little Gem's World, looking forward to seeing your top secret projects!

    My blog - Sew Ray Me

  6. That is one cute doodle and well deserving of a frame!

    Great makes too! The only thing I've been making is my dinner lately!!!

    Hope you're having a fab weekend,

    Victoria xx


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