A Secret Project & A Not So Secret One...

Hi Everyone,

Well last night's Big Girl Craft Club was great. It was a really nice atmosphere, most people seem to have settled in to turning up starting their craft and having a good chat at the same time.

I picked up some lovely tips from two of the ladies, including a mini-tutorial on how to blanket stitch - which is much more useful that the one in my CK book, as I could see it being done!

I started work on my secret project - I won't say much more, I'll just tease you with this very bad photograph...

I still have quite a bit of work to do on it, but I'm extremely pleased with it so far! Can't wait to show you when it's finished!

Now the not so secret project is the setting up of my very own folksy shop! I literally quickly registered 10 minutes before leaving for the club, so it needs a lot of work - but it is there and has one item for sale so far!

Please visit my shop - pretty little jewels

I will be adding lots more when I have time (probably not until next week - i'll explain why in a second) but if you could keep it in mind and I will update you when I have more to offer!

Now the reason I can't spend all of today listing lovely things to sell, despite having the day off, is that I have to spend the whole day preparing for my PHD interview! I promise this is my last piece of procrastination before I start!

I hope you all have much more exciting days planned!

Jewel x


  1. Well done on getting your shop opened!

    Victoria xxx

  2. looks gorgeous even in a blurry photo, cant wait to see what you're working on! maybe gotta do with your blanket stitch ? hehe congrats on opening the shop, i too wanting to try but i still working on the items, love the button frames in your shop! x


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