A Little Green Fingered...

Hey Everyone...

I wanted to show you some of my green fingered accomplishments...

I planted some bulbs a few weeks ago - mainly daffodils and bluebells and similar flowers - I was hoping they would still grow, despite being planted so late. I had just about given up hope as I had seen no show of anything. Then I suddenly found these had shot up!

I have no idea what they are (the bulbs were mixed and I stupidly threw the box away), but I'm hopeful they will continue to grow and others will soon appear!

A quick update on my roses - they are so close to blooming, I am on the edge of my seat, checking them every single day! I just can't wait.

And I have filled my flower tub bargain from the car boot with compost ready for a plant - just to find one now - any suggestions of what I should plant this time of year!? I want to buy an already grown/flowering plant!

Hope you're having a fab weekend!

Jewel x


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