A Rather Difficult Detox...

Hey Everyone....

So a couple of days ago I told you that I'd bought this book...

A workmate of mine recommended it last year. She was following the diet to lose weight for her wedding and lost lots (although she was already very skinny). At the time I took a quick look, but recently I have been very down about my weight, and despite being strict with my food I have only lost about 5-6lbs (my weekends are my nemesis).

So when I saw this book on my weekend in Portsmouth I decided to really give it a go. It's not just a 2 week detox, it will be a complete change of the way I eat. But the detox is a hard way to start...

2 weeks. Just water, green tea and one cup of tea a day. No fizzy drinks, alcohol, juice etc. Just vegetables and protein and limited good fat. No fruit. No carbohydrates.

So for example today I had:

Breakfast: 1 egg scrambled (nothing added) with spinach and 2 slices of (quorn ham) instead of salmon.

Snack: 5 nuts

Lunch: Mixed green salad with (quorn pieces) instead of sea bass, lemon and oil olive, green beans and broccoli.

Dinner: (quorn pieces) instead of beef, broccoli and spinach with half an avocado.

Snack: chopped veg with 1 tablespoon homous.

Plus one cup of tea, one cup of decaf green tea and lots of water.

I haven't felt hungry, but I do have a headache. I am having big sugar cravings (I was from this morning as I usually have a cereal bar for breakfast) and I think i'm slightly dehydrated. But I'm hopeful it will work.

After the two weeks you can introduce fruit and alcohol (in the best form possible), and once a week have a 'cheat meal' where you can eat anything you want (I'm already dreaming about this).

You can reintroduce other things but try to eat them in the best form, e.g. organic brown rice instead of white rice etc...

During the two week detox you also have to do the 8-minute exercise regime each day followed by a 20 minute walk (which my fiance is very happy about, he can't wait!).

Wish me luck. I really want to lose weight before the wedding next year and feel more confident in my skin!

Jewel x

WARNING - This detox will be broken on Thursday if I happen to have got onto the PHD to celebrate with a good drink! It will only happen once!


  1. WOW I don't think I'd last 5 minutes on this!!

    Keep us posted with how it goes,

    Victoria xx

  2. errr...that sounds tough! for a chocoholic like me hehe, i know how u feel, hun, I too always have a weight prob, so easy to gain but so hard to lose it! gosh i've given up trying to lose weight years ago, i reached the point sometimes no use to dress up coz i feel fat anyway! but i wish you goodluck!!! keep me posted how it goes, i might be tempted to do it if you succeeded hehe (smack my head, please) :)

  3. I take my hat off to you I would last like 30 seconds witout tea!

  4. I saw some of the diet published in YOU magazine at the weekend and totally could not imagine myself managing it, but sounds like you are off to a great start!
    If it helps its always good to list what you've had each day, maybe you could make it like a feature on your blog and put your weight loss on your sidebar as a motivator?
    Hows the crafting going?

  5. Ahh diets...been there done most of them. I won't bore you too much but bottom line the only way I lost and kept off 5 stone was to change the way and what I eat. I followed Slimming World. I know I could never follow a detox type diet, so you have my admiration!


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