What A Weekend...

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine was extremely busy. Off to Pompey (Portsmouth) on Saturday for a nice lunch and then out for a night with my friend Lucy for her birthday. Then a quick pit stop at my mum's (I have lots to show show you from her's but I will save that for another day, another post) before straight to another friend's, Sian, for a night out for her birthday. Then a BBQ yesterday at her's with lots of yummy food! We didn't get home until 8pm last night.

It was a fantastic weekend - and so nice to see all my different friends... I don't get to see them that often as I'm the only one in London! Thank you everyone!

But guess what... I'm now ill - horrible cold and sore throart, plus an icky tummy! So I'm resting up at home (and sneakly updating my blog if I feel up to it).

At the second night out I was very worse for wear and wrote this facebook status -
Is out,drinki,g for,tbe forst time,in ~3-! x

Can you guess what I was trying to say, lol?

Anyway, I wanted to finally show you all the secret projects I have been working on for Lucy's birthday but couldn't show you!

The first was a pink elephant cushion - applique'd by hand, with little button eyes...

Only the second ever cushion I have made! I loved making it! I was very proud of myself for managing all the hand stitching around the elephants. It was time consuming but worth it! I think Lucy liked it very much!

I even made a little gift tag using buttons, lace and pearl string! I'd love to sell these in my Folksy shop in little packs of 4 or 5. What do you think? How much should I charge!? 

I also made her a simple card to hold a the postcard I bought in Portsmouth, which was perfect for Lucy's birthday card. Back at university a whole group of us sung this song while sat on the seafront - there's even a video of us doing it - and it brings back lovely memories of university.

And I also made her some birthday cupcakes, using royal icing...

The cupcakes were rose flavoured (although you couldn't taste this much) and very light and fluffy.

I loved working with the royal icing, especially making the little hearts and would love to do a class to teach me how to make roses!

I was again very proud as it was my first time using royal icing on cupcakes!

There were so many I had to use a mountain of tins to transport them to Portsmouth...

For my friend Sian I made a classic victoria sponge and got lots of lovely compliments on how light and yummy it was...

Photo skillfully taken by Miss Ward

Whilst in Portsmouth I had to quickly pop into the Cath Kidston outlet shop! Can you believe I couldn't find anything that I REALLLY wanted - most of the patterns were colours I didn't prefer and I didn't want to get something for the sake of it.

But I did get this sugar pot to match the milk jug I found in Homesense!

(Sorry about the bad quality phone pictures of these - my camera has broken from all the pictures taken at the weekend and won't focus and is blurry all the time! I've tried changing all the different settings but the fiance thinks the lense is getting stuck - anyone know how we can fix it!?)

I have lots more to blog about but I will spread them out across the week! Have a lovely week everyone... I'm off to get some rest!

Jewel x


  1. What a sweet cushion, Jewel!! And is it asking too much for a little cupcake shipment to my household?? ;)

  2. What a beautiful cushion, you can be proud!

  3. Mmmmh, yummy batch of cupcakes! I hope you feel better soon, take care!

  4. You tube has some brilliant fondant icing tutorials. I've learnt so much from there.

    What a lush weekend you had. Your drunk fb status made me feel better about my drunk blog post!!!


  5. What fantastic cupcakes!

    Victoria xx


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