Bank Holiday Shopping...

Hi Everyone,

I hope you've all had a great bank holiday Monday! Ours was busy - I wish we'd taken it a bit more easy...

...But I have lots of goodies to report on!

First we went to homesense - which I have only just discovered - it's an offshoot from TKMaxx but just homewares and seems to have the best selection. I found this beautiful Cath Kidston jug for just £3.99!

They had a lot more Cath Kidston china - I wanted to buy it all but I was good and refrained!

Next we went to car boot - I picked up these goodies...

Teacup Trio - £2.50

Enamel 'Flowers' Tub - 20p

Modern 'Crown' Tea Cup & Saucer - free!

Three silver sugar spoons - 50p

Assorted buttons - £1

Then we went to Dunelm Mill, which has only just opened near me, my nearest was up north and far too far for me to go to regularly! This time all I picked up was some felt - but it is needed for my union jack heart which I'm aiming to make! I now just need some stuffing - can anyone recommend where I can get some from?

Lastly, we stopped in at The Fleetville Vintage Emporium in St.Albans again and realised there was another vintage emporium around the back! We had decided we wanted a new coffee table (as our cheap ikea one was splitting and chipping) and were willing for it to be another 'do it up' job. We had failed to find one at the car boot, but we found this lovely one - for a bargain £25 at the 'scallydog collectibles' around the back of Fleetville!

We just want to sand and stain the top with a white stain and then it will be perfect!

So it was a great day for finds - however, I had been ignoring my bank account and happily buying away without thinking, plus with the weekend in Stratford I am now officially broke and need to not buy anything for quite a few weeks! I hope I have the restraint, but if you notice me mentioning any new purchases please scold me!

I need to be thrifty!

Jewel x


  1. Some fantastic buys - especially love the flowers tub - what a bargain at 20p - though it doesn't beat your bargain of the day, that free cup and saucer - well done. xxx

  2. Great finds! I need to make a Homesense pilgrimage I think if they have CK china in!

    Victoria xx

  3. Fantastic finds! The store is called Home Goods here -- definitely a favorite for inexpensive, unexpected goodies!

  4. woot! why i cant find CK things in my local TK Maxx?? I'm so envious! love your finds! i gotta say in my local haberdashery, the price of stuffing is quite expensive so i did cheat by buying old cushions from charity shop that i tear apart at home and use the stuffing from it :) I also love your new coffee table, hate sanding though..urghh :) dont worry you're not the only one that is broke, why dont we scold each other ? hahaha x Susan

  5. Bargains! and such beautiful things too!

  6. Hiya Julie,
    Hope you are feeling happier about things today (just seen your newest blog) I just wanted to ask what car boot you went to as I've not found any local ones around here! I am also going to Fleetville tomorrow, my mums birthday so she wanted to go again! The part at the back is great, a bit better for bigger items, like your fab coffee table!
    See you tomorrow evening xxx


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