A Nice Clean Home...

Hey Everyone...

Well the mammoth spring clean is over.... we cleaned pretty much everything (but I'm sure we've missed a spot or two). The place looks lovely and a lot tidier. I got rid of a lot of old books which we're donated to our local hospice charity shop, and I have a few to sell on ebay for hopefully a few pennies.

And now that the flat is nice and tidy I thought it would be a great time for me to share some pictures of it...

Our Red & White Lounge

With Our Little Office/Recording Suite

Our Little Kitchen
Our Hallway

Our Bathroom
(Its too small for me to be able to get a picture of the bath/shower!)

Our Bedroom

I hope you like it! We bought the flat just over a year and half ago, back in October 2009. It was a wreck, which was partly how we managed to afford to buy it. Luckily, I worked shifts as a support worker and was able to spend a lot of my free time at the flat to renovate it!

It was a huge project, putting in floors, ripping out the kitchen and bathroom, installing a new kitchen ourselves (we stretched to a plumber to do the bathroom for us), painting every single inch, replacing the windows, replacing every light fitting.

The previous tenants had been forced out, as the owner had been repossessed. So they took their revenge, flooding the kitchen (underneath the ripped lino there was pure mud!), and ripping out the light fittings and the intercom phone, pulling off door handles and smashing the windows.

So, it was a hard, stressful time. We had a lot of help from family and friends and we got through it. Now we have a fantastic flat and know we can get through a hugely stressful situation together!

Here are some glimpses of the flat before our hard work...

And the photos really don't do it justice! There was even a huge hole in the floor in the bathroom!

So as you can see, we're pretty proud of all we've achieved!

I hope you've enjoyed having a nosy at our flat!

Jewel x

P.S. Blogger has gone and lost my post about 'There's always next year' and all of the comments attached to it - does anyone know how I can get it back? Or if it will just come back?


  1. Wow, what a transformation! Your flat looks absolutely lovely!! :)

  2. What an amazing transformation, well done to you both. Re the blogger lost post, we all seem to of lost our posts and comments which were published on the 11th/12th between the problems with their maintenance. They did say that they would be trying to put them back but I can't see that any of the blogs I read have had them restored as yet xx

  3. lovee the transformation, beautiful color scheme or red and white in lounge room, adorable bedroom, soooo pretty!! the kitchen looks so sparkly clean and tidy, love your decorations everywhere even in the bathroom! well done! i wish i could do alot like yours in my own home, mine is still a wreck and really i need to get a job to fix it as the money is really tight with hubby only works alone. I'm so envious! love it!

    PS: blogger says they're still working on restoring the data, so i hope they will restore everything back as normal, we'll see! i didnt lose a post but some of the comments are gone in previous post. :)

  4. You did a good job! It all looks very nice - so sad when someone wrecks a place out of revenge! It is now a home again!

    I lost my post for quite a while but it is back now, minus the comments!

  5. WOW the flat looks amazing... should I ever buy and am able to do a remodel I'll be calling you in!!!!

    Victoria xx

  6. Your flat looks super tidy and cozy! So pretty!

  7. What an incredible transformation! So impressive.


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