BANG Goes The Will Power...

Hi Everyone...

So much for not spending money - it has turned into an addiction and despite the fact that I am rather worried about my bank balance I couldn't help splashing a little in Portsmouth. Now, I am very thrifty and never ever really buy anything full price, but still, these weren't essential items, just things I wanted...

A tea strainer from Past Times 
(That I have wanted for ages and was half price - that's a great reason right?)

Some amazing postcards and little magnets from a cute gift shop 
(I really wanted a 'make do and mend' sign, but was thrifty and bought the postcard instead - much cheaper!)

What do you think of it's new location?

Two beautiful Laura Ashley champagne glasses 
(which match wine glasses I already have and were half price and then another 20% off - such good reasons right?)

A full size scrabble set 
(which I'll be using to make art frames to sell on folksy and was in a charity shop - so a super duper reason!)

Fabric & stuffing
(one was an offcut and I can make lots of union jack cushions from, the pink I need for my niece's bunting and I need the stuffing for the cushions and a union jack heart I want to make - see the use of the word NEED?!)

The clean and lean diet book
(Reduced by £10 and I had been after it for a while - I'll explain more in another post!)

A Cath Kidston gadget case
(In a Cath Kidston outlet store - I was in heaven! I had to buy something or it would have been torture!)

I also bought a few more bits and pieces that I can't mention, but will tell you about later...

Please berate me or I will never learn! My reasons are sometimes good, but generally excuses not reasons! I now really have to stop!

Oh and when we got home the postman had been and these were waiting for me...

Lovely free samples of oilcloth from Cath Kidston

Anyway, we had a lovely time in Portsmouth! I should probably explain that Portsmouth (or Pompey as we call it) was where I studied my undergraduate degree. It is filled with both happy and sad memories, made more vivid by the fact that I was there for the first three years of mine and my fiance's relationship whilst he was working and living in North London.

All that is in the past and made us stronger, but it's lovely to go back and visit. I've only been back once since my graduation two years ago to run the great south run. This time we were going back for another important reason - to take a photograph of us in front of the Spinaker Tower for our wedding table plan!

Each table will have a picture of us (holding the number of the table) in front of an important place to us. We had to explain this to the lovely girl who took the picture for us as she wondered why we were holding a large, silver, cardboard '2'.

We then spent time wandering round old haunts, and had a lovely day at Gunwharf Quays (the home of the CK outlet if you were wondering, and lots more amazing outlets!) enjoying the sun and lunch. Well actually not lunch (to cut a long story short - drinks took 30 mins, no veggie option and my fiance's food had a huge piece of plastic in it! - ewwww, but we got it all free!)

Here's some of the photos I took...

And now we're back home and I feel extremely sick! My interview is less than less than 36 hours away and my poor stomach isn't taking it very well! I am spending the whole of tomorrow preparing so probably won't blog from now until Monday afternoon when I'll let you all know how it went!

I am so unbelieveably nervous because it actually means the world to me. I know a lot of people would say that, but my dreams would literally have come true if I get on the PHD this year and I'm probably going to be a miserable, bitter, woman for a while if I fail. So here goes nothing...

Jewel x

P.S. Thank you so much to Justine for plugging my blog, and thank you to all you lovely people who have visited, left comments and followed! I came home from Portsmouth to lots of lovely comments and 7 new followers! You guys rock! x


  1. Glad you had a great time - and what a brilliant idea for the table numbers!!

    Thank you ever so much for the info about stratford and Portsmouth. We are going to go away just for a couple of nights in the May halfterm and I think that Portsmouth has now been decided - thanks to your info! Will have to send off for some Tesco vouchers for some of the days out there!
    Good luck again with the interview!

  2. tsk tsk tsk...(ok i'm just acting) infact, I loveeeeee what you bought from your trip! im in love with that tea strainer with my most fave quote on it!! love the postcard and it even has a perfect spot now! gorgeous laura ashley's champagne glasses and adorable scrabble game which i happen to have though a loan from my mother in law so i cant really make some crafts out of it and no luck so far finding it in charity shop hehe, beautiful photos you took in portsmouth and it was a wonderful idea to take pics of you and your fiancee holding number for your wedding, such a lovely couple you both are! i'm sorry that you're feeling abit sick and got stomach ache and i do hope the interview would go well, you can do it!! x Susan

  3. I love that tea strainer, I've looked at it before but I really don't need one! Good luck with your interview :)

  4. So glad you had a lovely time in Portsmouth, and of course you "needed" those lovely bits 'n pieces!! Good luck with the interview, Lucey x

  5. Oh no, please don't be nervous for your job interview, everything will go well and you will hget the job, I'm pretty sure! Just keep calm and carry on! :)
    Gorgeous new glasses!

  6. I'm the wrong person to encourage someone to stop spending!!!

    Your job interview will be fine, prepare as much as you can then relax and take it easy,

    Victoria xx

  7. Some lovely buys there - I especially love the little beach hut magnets.


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