One Year Today...

Hey Everyone....

I am unbelievably excited! Guess why?...

One year today, the fiance and I will be getting married!

Yes. It's official! The registrar is all booked for 1.30pm on Saturday 26th May 2012!

Wow, feels very real now! So exciting! I can't stop smiling!

I'm just hoping all the rain today won't happen this time next year!

I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you the lovely gifts the fiance got me for our 5th anniversary...

A beautiful union jack cushion I had been eyeing up  for a while, and...

A beautiful three paned dressing table mirror! I have wanted one for absolutely ages! And it is stunning! Now all I need is a vintage dressing table to put it on!

I think it looks fantastic in our little bedroom! I love it so much!

And he treated us to that lovely bottle of Rose Moet too! I'm very spoilt!

Well I'm off to post my button swap parcel to my swap partner - Emma Bear Forever I really hope she'll like it!

Jewel x


  1. Is that a Tiffany box I see there????!!!!! Loving the mirror! X

  2. Oh lovely gifts - that mirror is amazing. You are lucky!!!

  3. Beautiful mirror, you lucky girl. I'm sure the sun will be shining for you this time next year.

  4. Whatlovely presents and congratulations!

  5. Hiya
    I’m just sending out a quick message to let people know their Faith Hope and Charity Swapping partners. Days of spreedsheet fiddling I tell you, if this works it’s going on my CV! I won’t have access to a PC from Tues 31st until June 6th – so any questions will have to wait til I get back I’m afraid. I’m going to put up a quick post on the rules before I go, but for now you can check out your partner’s blog and start figuring out what they might like.
    Your swap partner is Scarlett at Scarlett loves Elvis
    Thanks for playing along!

  6. I have that mirror... it's gorgeous!

    Victoria xx


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