Baking Biscuits...

Hey Everyone,

Can you believe it is Monday already!? The weekend just disappeared! Luckily the snow is disappearing too. I just wasn't in a snowy mood this year - I didn't make a single snowball, let alone a snowman, in fact I pretty much managed to avoid it completely!

I guess I'm a bit of a bah humbug!

I wanted to blog today about last weekend - what with a busy week last week, it totally slipped my mind! Last Sunday my two nieces came round to visit, and I have developed a reputation with them for baking! So of course we had to make biscuits!

My nieces really got stuck and in and were naturals in crumbling up the butter in the flour!

They cut some perfect shapes, and then it was time for the fun bit.... decorating...



All us girls

The end result!

The biscuits were very yummy, and were shared with Nana and Grandad who came to take them home, with a box of biscuits in hand to take for mummy, daddy, and their little brother, my nephew Zac!

I wish we could have them over all the time, but the driving there and back seems to take up all the day! We have promised to take them to the Natural History Museum and London Zoo, so we had betting get organising!

I also wanted to show you this cheeky little purchase I made! One of my lovely followers reminded me of dotcomgiftshop which I hadn't visited in a long time. As well as some goodies for my birthday party (which I will show you in good time) I treated myself to these beautiful placements...

Very Cath Kidston don't you think!? I have wanted hard placements ever since we moved in but never found any I loved! Well now I have these! *Grin*

I have had a very boring day today at work, and so I spent a little time thinking of crafty things to do! I started something as soon as I got home today, so hopefully I can show you it tomorrow!

Hope you all have a great week!

Love Jewel xxx


  1. Your biscuits look scrumptious and you three girls look so happy and cute, just adorable

  2. awwww your nieces are adorable and they seem to have a great time making those yummy cookies! the cookies all look so cute! love the CK-ish placemats!

    x susan

  3. I love dotcomgiftshop and they have a really good sale after Christmas.

  4. Fab biccies, yum yum! Lovely placemats too - so pretty x


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