All The Fun Of The Fair...

Hey Everyone...

It's the weekend! Yay! Oh that feels good! Although I am up early today and the poor fiance has been awake all night with a stomach bug - we're not sure what caused it, but he hasn't slept, poor thing.

I'm hoping it wasn't our adventures last night, as we strolled up to our local park for a fun fair. He'd been excited about it all week, and despite the grey skies and the drops of rain we had a fantastic time.

First we went on the waltzer of which I have mixed memories. I haven't been on one in five years, and the last time I managed to hit my friend in the face with my mobile phone by accident. Times before that I have felt sick and wanted to get off as we've been spun too fast. But this time it was fun, and nice to feel carefree, and get a little bit scared and have a girly squeal.

The fiance didn't prepare himself though and found his phone, keys, ipod and cards scattered around the car. Luckily the nice fun fair man pointed it out to him! And he forgot to charge us in the madness (I feel a little bit bad about this now, but I didn't realise at the time).

Then the fiance tried to win me a prize on the shooting gallery! He missed the first of four shots (needing to hit three) and I decided that was it. But then he got the next two down in a row and I was hopeful. But he missed the last shot - he was a bit disappointed, but I was still impressed.

Next we went on the bumper cars (which I used to be scared of) and had a car each. It was soo much fun chasing each other, at one point the fiance was right behind me for ages and I couldn't lose him as the cars have the same top speed!

I then played hook a duck and won myself... a cuddly duck! I've called him Quack...

Quack The Duck

It was a really fun evening, then we walked back (in the now heavy rain) and cuddled up on the sofa under our duvet to watch 'High Fidelity'...

I had never seen it before - it's almost a romantic comedy - but really for boys!? I couldn't decide, but it was a great film! Have you seen it?

We're supposed to be off Strawberry picking today, but so far the weather looks rubbish, and we'll have to see if the fiance feels up to it. Wonder what we could do instead?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Jewel x

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  1. Bumper cars used to be my favourite, along with the big wheel.
    I've seen High Fidelity a couple of times and it is great - but my judgement might be slightly clouded by John Cusack!!

  2. I bet it was my post about the waltzer that led you to the fair! ;o)

    Isn't the weather disappointing today! Thankfully the rain has stopped tho!

    Victoria xxx


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