What A Scorcher...

Hey Everyone....

How has your Monday been? Mine has been HOT! Really really hot in fact. I wish I could have enjoyed the beautiful sunshine more but I had a pressing matter to attend to - a very important interview.

I started the day with supervision then headed home to prepare for the interview. Before lunch I took a quick walk in the sunshine to burn off some anxiety. Then to take my mind off things I watched the tennis & the first two sets of Andy Murray's game. (Do you like how I am building the suspense?)

Then it was time to leave. Onto the tube into the centre of town. I was quite early, but I always am. Turns out the person before me hadn't turned up so I was in early. IT WENT WELL, I think! I hope... I didn't trip up on any of the questions and I felt confident afterwards which is a good sign. I also think there was only one other candidate after me. So fingers crossed.

This job would be fantastic - working in Soho, a little pay rise, an interesting job and I'd be working at THE UCL which to me is a huge deal!

So as soon as I know, I will let you know! Please keep your fingers crossed for me....

I saw two magpies on the way to my supervision so I must have got it right?

I'll leave you with some little things from my garden which are making me smile at the moment...

A single purple flower that has grown from lots of bulbs I planted ages ago!
This has now bloomed and looks lovely - I will take a picture soon! 

My rose bush with three new buds - very excited!

Jewel x


  1. Got everything crossed for you.

  2. i have everything crossed too! working in Soho, fabulous! good luck! xx and thanks for my button. xx

  3. I have everything crossed too, good luck hope you get it! Great photos of the garden :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Im sure you nailed it!! The best of luck!


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