That's What I Call A Weekend...

Hey Everyone...

Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend! Mine has been busy but in a good way. It all started Thursday night when I started prepping for the weekend by baking my first ever raisin and cinnamon loaf for Saturday as my friend Emma was staying over. I forgot to take a picture after it was baked so it was already tucked into...

The fiance took the picture and didn't take on of the inside - there was a very cool marbled effect as you use two different batters! It was nice and spongy and not too sweet! We enjoyed it after coming home on Saturday which I will talk about in a minute!

Then on Friday night I baked my first ever lemon drizzle cake for Father's Day. It went well until it came to getting it out the tin and it got a bit stuck - I pieced it back together and use the icing to disguise it. Luckily, it still tasted fantastic (if I do say so myself) and was lovely and succulent and crumbly. My dad loved it.

Two new recipes I can add to my accomplished list! Very proud!

So yesterday was a big day. My maid of honour, one of my bridesmaids and I (is that the correct grammar, it's a hard sentance!) went shoe shopping on Oxford street for the wedding. I was both looking forward to seeing them but dreading the shopping as I was sure we'd never find anything. Plus with two other non present bridesmaids to consider I had little hope! But after quite a lot of looking we stumbled across these beauties in Next....

I had been looking for dusky pink shoes (to match the dresses) and low heels (to save their feet) but both girls loved these and we decided they would match the Ivory sash of the dresses perfectly. At only £30 they were a good price (as the girls kindly agreed to pay for the shoes as I'm buying the dresses) and they would suit all the girls. I was a bit worried about the platform but Sian and Emma tried them on and said they were comfy, and luckily via facebook my two other bridesmaids Lucy & Lucy loved them too!

So tomorrow evening I'm heading back into town to pick them up! I'm going to feel quite rich walking down the street with four boxes of shoes lol! I'll show you them all properly tomorrow!

So that was a relief! And it was lovely to go shopping with the two girls especially as they don't know each other that well, and talking weddings was lovely as I don't get to do it much!

I also found these lovely headbands for the flowergirls (my nieces) and tried them on them today - they are perfect! Might just have to pin them in so they don't get instantly removed!

Whilst shopping I had to treat myself to a little something so I splashed out on these gorgeous vintage style hair slides from Primark - £2.50

And this 'perfect for me' teapot necklace - Primark £1.50

Then before heading home to some wine and lots of wedding chat, my maid of honour Emma and I stopped for dinner at this fantastic vegetarian restaurant in Soho called Mildreds. It's a bit of a dream for me, as whenever I eat out I have to worry about what veggie options are available. But in this place I can eat EVERYTHING. It's a wonderful feeling of freedom most meat eaters won't understand - not having to worry about what you can eat! 

As my detox was over (9lbs lost so far) I treated myself to some delicious halluomi and the best sweet potatoe fries in the world with a yummy veggie burger. As you can see below I also treated myself to a Kir Royale - my favourite tipple! Emma had a yummy sweet potatoe soup and a spicy red thai curry - as a former veggie (and a possible re-convert) I think she enjoyed it!

We came back to the flat and had a nice long talk about all sorts but mostly about the wedding which was lovely!

So now I'm sad the weekend is over! Although more excited about the wedding as I really had a chance to talk about it properly with the girls after months of feeling like I couldn't as it was so long away!

I feel like I might be in wedding planning mode again - watch out!

Jewel x


  1. Those shoes are amazing!! The hair slides are all lovely too :o) Scarlett x

  2. What a lovely weekend for you!


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