Rained Off...

Hey Everyone...

Well so much for car booting! They were all rained off :( I would still have looked round in the rain but obviously no one else would.

So what do you do when it's a rainy Sunday? Go to IKEA! I bought myself some more cheap jars for the kitchen which I have decorated with my Cath Kidston labels and put all my baking ingredients in! Looks much more tidy and organised...

I also picked up some much needed frames for my folksy bits. Speaking of folksy - I've just added a new make here...

It's a scrabble ring (just happens to be my letter so I might keep this one) but I am making them to order on folksy. One of the frames is also for some scrabble art work which I will hopefully show you soon!

What else do you so on a rainy Sunday? Sew, of course! So once I got back I decided it was high time I finished some bunting for my niece's birthday next week. This is only my second ever attempt at bunting and I'm very proud. I used a zigzag stitch around the letters this time, which I think looks neater and more vintage, plus it meant I didn't need to fold and iron over edges on difficult letter shapes.

The ribbon along the top was more successful this time, but I really need to get myself some bias binding - I've never used it before - anyone know where I can get it?

I have lots more sewing to do for my folksy shop - I want to finish my felt hearts to make into brooches but I'm a bit drained from the bunting so I think it will have to wait for another day! Well at least I didn't waste the rainy day!

Jewel x


  1. I bought my bias binding from the local haberdashery. Looks as though you have had a really productive Sunday, the bunting looks really pretty, I love the zig zag stitch xxx

  2. What a coincidence, I made some bunting today too with my shiny new sewing machine!

  3. Well your day is so far more productive than mine! I've managed to wash up and that's about it!!!

    Victoria xxx

  4. I've just scrabble rings this week too! J is really hard to come by as there's only one in a set ;-)

    Bunting looks lovely too, that's on my list to make for soon to be new neice

  5. Bunting lookslovely, I have plans for some polka dot bunting!

    B xxx

  6. Your bunting looks amazing - love it! Scarlett x


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