Ups & Downs...

Hey Everyone...

Well today has been a strange day of ups and downs. Firstly, I finally organised our appointment to go and give our notice of marriage at our local registry office so that we are officially able to get married! Yay!

Although it costs £67 - just to be allowed to get married (plus a lot more for the registrar fees for the day plus certificates) ick! And they didn't have an appointment open until the 30th July, which feels like an age away! Then again wedding season is upon us and all the brides and grooms to be are finally able to book ready for next year I guess!

Still exciting!

Then I checked the post box and had two horrible letters. One from my local council, telling me they had rejected my appeal against a parking ticket (another £30 paid to our borough council!) and the letter clearly showed they hadn't read my appeal at all, as they said I could have paid by mobile phone, when I clearly stated I couldn't as I didn't have a card on me! Urgh, oh well, the sting is slightly less as it's been a month and a half since I got the ticket!

The second letter was from the police saying they'd closed the case on my car malicious damage, despite it being less than a week since it happened, they think there is nothing more they can do/investigate. I'm thinking of complaining, or at least asking if they have followed up the scrapping car leads! But that means more work for me!

Then the ups! The fiance picked up a beautiful gravy boat I won on ebay - which goes with my late grandmother's set which I hope to soon be in possession of....

Isn't it beautiful - a steal at £2.20

Then I found out that I have a job interview (up)! Which made me realise how unhappy I am in my current job (down), but got me excited about the prospect of a new challenge (up), but then made me feel guilty for leaving my current job if I get it (down). Wow, what a roller coaster.

The new job would be a slight pay rise, and a chance to develop my research skills and probably get published. Plus I would be working with UCL which is where I would love to study my clinical PHD so I may be able to make contacts.

Problem is I'm petrified of failing the interview after the whole clinical psychology PHD malarky, which I've now realised has really knocked my confidence. I have two weeks to prepare though, so wish me luck. It would be a good move I think! Now I'm really nervous, argh!

Jewel x


  1. Good Luck! Onwards and upwards as they say.

    Congrats on the wedding news too.

  2. good luck with the interview, there is loads of really good help on the internet - i used it on my last interview and got the job. ! x

  3. Good luck! Great about the wedding news :o) Scarlett x

  4. Wow, loads of news! sending good luck hugs and kisses for the job interview and when are the wedding invites coming out ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Put the previous job interview behind you and now just focus on the second... then worry about leaving one job etc... one step at a time hun!

    Victoria xx


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