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Two posts today... well I couldn't wait to share the fun we had at the Pick Your Own farm today! We almost didn't go as the weather still looked moody, but when we got there the sun was creeping out from being the clouds and it was lovely and warm.

I have never been strawberry picking before - never been to a pick your own.... but now I am in love.

Look at these beautiful strawberries...

And there were thousands - the whole farm was huge - a nice bit of exercise walking up and down the rows...

Me looking a mess with my basket

Collecting vegetables

So many strawberries

Our haul - swiss chard, beetroot, broad beans, onions, strawberries and raspberries

Beautiful strawberries for my breakfasts!

Veggies for dinner tonight!

Raspberries - we should have got a lot more - these won't last long!

I am a convert and would love to buy all of my fruit and vegetables from the farm. They are local, British grown and so much cheaper than the supermarkets - our entire haul only cost £4.13! And we got more strawberries than we would in a tesco punnet for half the price!

The only downside is the seasonality - as I need a large variety of veg to keep me sane on my diet. But for sure we will be visiting far more regularly. I was happy to see that it was nice and busy with lots of children joining in on the action - It's nice to know londoners are making the most of the surrounding countryside and nature too!

On the way I also spied a farm tea shop, which I will have to drop in on next time we go! Can't wait!

So to show you what I did with the lovely vegetables....

Yummy roasted beetroot and onion and steamed swiss chard! Mmmm... now if only I could have some ice cream!

Jewel x


  1. Everyone is picking fruit and veg... I need to investigate somewhere local I can go!

    Victoria xx


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