My First Swap & A Terrible Morning...

Hey Everyone...

Well I'll start with the positive...

I wanted to show you what I sent to the lovely Justine for the Button Swap! You can see her blog about it here - Emma Bear Forever

This was what I sent...
(There were some button earrings in the little black pouch, and a Cath Kidston mini purse in the bag with buttons)

Which included my first ever felt lavender heart - yep I had never made one before! I was proud and very glad that it was being sent to the lovely Justine! It wasn't perfect (I couldn't work out how to end my slip stitch neatly) but I hope she still loves it, as it was my first!

Another first was these little button gift tags - I had the idea and just went for it, I hope she liked them!

So onto the negative and why I have had a terrible morning...

Well firstly I'm still ill, but that's the least of my worries. When the fiance went out to leave for work he came back in to tell me that my car had been smashed in.

I went outside to our rear car park to find both my windscreens smashed (the rear one smashed completely in), both my number plates ripped off and my wing mirror bent back (it's electric so probably won't work now).

All for no good reason - nothing was stolen, not even my radio.

A neighbours car that was in front of mine had also been smashed in - quite a lot worse than mine, with his doors ripped open and bent and wiper blades pulled off.

So, I had to talk to the police (a neighbour had already called to report it, as she says she heard 'shots' but there's nothing to suggest that) and then call my insurance company.

And guess what... as it counts as 'criminal damage' and not 'theft' I have to pay a £250 excess to get it fixed and I lose all my no claims... that is unless the police find out who did it... which I doubt they will.

I shouldn't have gloated that my MOT repairs only cost me £30, it came back to haunt me!

*Sigh* So now I'm sat at home, feeling very ill (so much for my plan of sleeping off my cold today) waiting for a forensics team to come, and then the garage to pick up my car and hopefully drop off a courtesy car.

Plus I'm all alone until tomorrow morning as the fiance is off in Brighton doing some exciting filming of a friend's collection in a fashion show! Any ideas of what I can do to take my mind off things or cheer me up, whilst being stuck at home sick?!

Jewel x


  1. Oh no, poor you, sorry to hear about your car, I hope you get it fixed soon!
    I bet Justine was thrilled with your lovely parcel!

  2. Why do people do things like that!!! Just what you needed - and so inconvenient as well as costly!! Hope you find something nice to do that will cheer you up!

  3. Oh no!!! Thats terrible about your car. A month or so ago my windscreen wipers and wiper arms were ripped off my car and i was livid about it, but oh my if they had done this I would have cried! The insurance thing is a pain in the bum too, they always seem to be able to wrangle out of paying. Hope you find something to do to cheer you up. Scarlett x

  4. Oh no! poor you. Can't believe what some people can do to other's property, and you're right the police probably won't catch them.

    On a more positive note, if you're feeling rubbish I like to read through my magazines, house books and generally just sit! Hope you feel better soon, try and enjoy the sunshine.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. OMG that is terrible. What is wrong with people that they do this kind of thing for kicks?!?
    *&~!holes. I only hope that what goes around comes around and one day something similar happens to them and they then realise how galling it is for someone to vandalise something you've worked so hard for. Grrr let me at them!

    You definitely deserve a bit of cheering up, so I suggest getting a stack of lovely homes magazines to look through and maybe a big box of choccies and a glass of something chilled later after a nice long bubble bath.

  6. Oh hun! I am so sorry to hear about your bad morning! That is so awful! :o( I had my car broken into a few years ago and they smashed my windows and only took my glasses (which cost £5) and an old pair of trainers (I ask why?), so I can feel your pain! There are some really nasty people out there that just get kicks from doing stuff like that! Hope you have a better w-end! Chin up!

    C x

    p.s. love your lavender heart!

  7. Some people you just cannot understand, I'm beyond words. It's gutting that you lose your no claims too.

    I send you a big virtual hug and I hope you feel better soon. Cake, a big pot of tea and a favourite dvd are my pick me up suggestions.

  8. Oh Juli, I'm so sorry to hear about this. There truly are some vile people out there
    :( it's a bit of a gut wrencher that you are loosing your no claims too. Sending you a huge virtual hug my lovely x

  9. Well this is crap. Those little f@ckers. I shouldn't swear but honestly, horrible people. If the police find them let me know and I'll come over and belly flop them while they are on bail.



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