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Hey Everyone...

I had no idea what to call today's blog as I just have a few random bits and bobs to talk about.

Firstly my car is now back to 'normal'. The number plates are securely attached the nice guy at the nice garage didn't even charge to fit them!

Secondly, I stopped in at some charity shops after work and found a book for our wedding. The idea is to have a small pile of old books with romantic/wedding/meaningful titles, tied with a pretty bow, next to our post box and wish tree as decoration.

We already have two - one an old copy of romeo and juliet with a beautiful flower pattern on it...

And one a book about Windsor Castle (we're getting married opposite it in a hotel which looks straight out onto it!)...

Today I found this beauty...

I think I like it better without the dust jacket though! It's full of lovely poems too, which we could use in the ceremony maybe?

I also picked up another item for the Hope Faith & Charity Shopping Swap for my swap partner Scarlett and saw another one I was unsure of but think I will have to go back and get tomorrow!

Thirdly, I got a lovely freebie from Freecyle today - a brand new, in it's box foot spa...

It's fabulous and much better than my old one with lots of attachments - it even came with free samples of foot products and party feet insoles!

Now should I wait, or just use it tonight?

Lastly, and most exciting, I've just booked a three day girly weekend with some uni friends in Brighton for August! Can't wait, will be lovely to have a short break with the girls. Plus I'm driving us there so we'll make it a proper road trip! Can anyone recommend places to go in Brighton? I've never been!

Jewel x


  1. Beautiful books! And the footspa, what a lucky find! I love freecycle!

  2. Love the book idea, very exciting about the swap, im keeping my eyes out for you in the CS but looks like you are having more luck than me!

    Im off to brighton this weekend, one of my fave places to go. The best thing is to hit 'the lanes' for some serious shopping. Got a hotel room sorted so looking forward to a mini get away :o) Scarlett x

  3. The book idea is absolutely fabulous! Should my wedding day ever come I'm stealing it!!!

    Ooooh Brighton I love Brighton!! My friends and I have had many fabulous weekends there.... but obviously too fabulous as I can't remember anywhere specific we've been!!! LOL!!

    Victoria xxx


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