A Little Light Reading...

...Does you the world of good!

Hey Everyone...

How are you all? I'd love some more comments - I get some lovely regulars who always comment but I'm greedy and would like more!

Well today was the last day of my CBT course. We went out for a lovely lunch to celebrate (but now the diet is going to pot - must try harder) and I'm sad it's over. Although I must admit it's partly because I will miss my one day a week away from work with a late start and early finish.

I was a good girl today and stopped at the uni library to pick up lots of reading for my case study write up! I lost my ID a few weeks ago and despite much searching couldn't find it. So I had to get a replacement, which was going to cost £20, but the lovely lady let me off when I explained that my course had already ended and I just needed to borrow some books! And the guards at the gate let me know that I could park for free now term had finished saving me £2.

Then in the library I spied a book a recognised (I think from my supervisor's shelf) and debated whether I would use it in my write up. I was already laden with books so put it back... then picked it up again... and flicked through it a third time... and guess what?

...Inside was a £5 note! I took it as karma for the money I had to spend on my car and took it as a sign I should borrow the book.

Here is my huge pile of 'light' reading...

And there are more on my shelf I've already borrowed and not got round to reading...

All the way home I debated what to do with my £5 - 'put it in the bank' I told myself. But then I realised for the first time in ages I had time to stop at some charity shops on the way home. And of course I found something to spend my £5 on...

Scrabble set - £2.50, Spoon 75p

Another scrabble set for my folksy makes and a silver spoon. Although take a closer look at the scrabble set! I still have £1.75 change - do you think I should pay it in lol?

I shouldn't joke though! I am seriously in my overdraft (which is being reduced in July as it's a graduate account that will end next year). Tomorrow is payday and I am determined to sit down after work and look through all my outgoings. The next few months shall have to be very thrifty!

Tomorrow evening I am also preparing for my interview on Monday! I feel I should start before Sunday, as I haven't had an interview in a while and I'm very eager to get the job! Although, knowing me, I will procrastinate!

Well now I'm off to see Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D with the fiance - he's been promising to take me ages! Hope you all have a lovely evening!

Jewel x


  1. My comments aren't enough eh! ;o)

    Well done on the £5 find!!

    Enjoy Kung Fu Panda... my nephews banned from watching it as he kept karate chopping everyone!

    Victoria xx

  2. Wow, what a bookmark, I often slip a £50 into my Agatha Christie ;-)

    I find the best way to get comments on your posts is to visit and comment regularly yourself, I try to most days, although obviously this is time consuming!

  3. Hi Ya! Everyone was kung foo fighting! Enjoy.

  4. Wow, how lucky was that finding a fiver! well spent by the way :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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