Two To Go...

Hey Everyone...

It's almost Friday! What do you all have planned for the weekend? My weekend is fairly relaxed for once. On Saturday the fiance and I are hopefully off strawberry picking! I have never done it before and felt really left out so he offered to take me - I can't wait. Then on Sunday I'm hoping to do some quick car boot shopping, before spending the day preparing for my interview on Monday.

Then Sunday evening we're off to the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead to see Bridesmaids! Can't wait, especially as the Everyman is an amazing cinema. You sit on really comfy sofas with cushions, there is a waiter service and they serve scrummy cheesecake! Wow, so excited now.

What are your weekend plans?

Tonight I just wanted to show you this little beauty that the fiance made me...

Sorry about the bad pictures - it just won't come out right. It's hung on our kitchen wall! The fiance made it for me as I'd wanted one for ages and he said he could easily make it - he even framed it for me and had it ready as a surprise for me! I love it!

So the title of the blog? Well I have only 2 more followers to go to reach the big 50! Then I can finally show you the giveaway I've been planning! Please help me get there!

Right I should go do some prep for my interview - which means 'what can I do to procrastinate some more?'

Jewel x

P.S. A little apology for not commenting on people's blogs! I read every single blog post of the people I follow (seriously I do) but my laptop is so rubbish that it often dies after 15 minutes or so of use - so I use the fiance's or just manage to read the blogs, that's why I rarely get to comment - I would comment on every single one if my laptop didn't drive me crazy!


  1. My plans this weekend are ironing.....and packing! Yay a holiday in Tunisia.

  2. Great picture, makes me want a cuppa right now!!

    I'm doing my first craft fair on Saturday!!!

    Victoria xx

  3. School fete on Saturday and relaxing in the sun on Sunday hopefully - if it turns out to be as nice as they are promising!!

  4. Church fete for a quick rummage, out with mates for dinner and drinks Saturday evening - yay! - then stuff with the kids on Sunday...

  5. Hiya Jewel,
    Thanks for the comment on my pillowcases. Its from Fenwicks in Brent Cross, and they had a big sale on, lots of CK bedding reduced. Hope that helps.
    I've never been to that cinema, is it more expensive than a normal one?
    Also, would love to know what car boots you go to, are they local?

  6. Oh, and P.S lovely picture your fiance made you. x


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