The First Swap...

Hey Everyone...

Well I'm still not very well - third day off work in a row and I don't seem to be feeling any better, despite lots of cold and flu pills, cups of tea and rest.

However, something really cheered me up at lunch time. Our buzzer went. It was the postman (who was surprised to see me at home - he'd already written the pick up slip).

Guess what he'd brought me? A fantastic package from the lovely Justine at Emma Bear Forever for the lovely Lucey's Button Swap...

I love the beautiful lace sellotape that kept the package safe - and a fantastic 'make do and mend' postcard which has gone to live with my other one on the cooker hood.

Inside were 9 beautifully colourful packages, all wrapped with a pretty button each (which I have of course thrifted along with the string).

And each little package that I unwrapped unearthed a beautiful gift! Three cards of beautiful buttons, a yummy bag of giant buttons, a gorgeous smelling yankee candle wax melt (that I could even smell through my blocked nose), a beautiful homemade heart (which is now hung on my bedroom mirror), a fantastic pin cushion, the most perfect doll needle case - full of needles & pins, and lastly some beautifully hand crocheted flowers.

I am so spoilt! They are fantastic and I especially love all the care that has gone into the homemade pieces! I have no idea what to do with my lovely little crotcheted flowers though, as I've never owned anything like them before...

I'm also excited as I know Justine has received my swap in return and likes it (although looks like a naughty postman might have opened it before it got to her!). I feel bad mine was much more basic, and I wasn't able to make such lovely homemade gifts but I'm eager to improve for more swaps!

So after the lovely excitement of unwrapping my swap parcels, I sat down with a cup of tea and the giant buttons to relax and read my book...

And my little cat Anya joined me on the sofa. Some of you may have spotted her in the background of a photograph a while ago, but I thought I'd share a couple of proper photos...

I have owned her since I was 11, but she's only just come to live with us in London. She's the most lovely little thing and has been keeping poorly me company...

Well I'm off to go read some more on the sofa and hope this cold disappears by tomorrow! I feel so awful having time off work. Especially as I'm not good at resting and have to be 'doing' things like blogging etc...

Hope you've all had better weeks!

Jewel x


  1. I have still haven't had the courage to join in a swap yet! You received some lovely goodies - receiving those must have been better than any medicine you could take!!

    Get well soon!

  2. Great button swap gifts, I had mine last week :) I will be doing more swaps! Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. That parcel was amazing! What a nice surprise. Hope you get better soon x

  4. What an amazing swap parcel! Hope you feel better soon, Scarlett x

  5. Lovely swap package, so beautifully wrapped up!
    I know that nasty feeling which I use to call "swap paranoia", I'm pretty sure you sent out an equally beatiful parcel!

  6. What a wonderful swap and cute kitty cat. Hope you're feeling better soon! x

  7. Lovely things there from Justine, I think the crochet flowers are buttons - they are gorgeous.

  8. Awww sorry to hear you're not feeling well, wishing you a speedy recovery,

    Victoria xx

  9. Glad you liked it Juli, sorry to hear you are feeling :( yukky x

    Your parcel was lovely, thanks hun. I have just posted about it on my blog xxx

  10. Your swap stuff is gorgeous! hope you feel better soon x


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