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Hey Everyone...

Yes another blog - but it's needed!

After an awful morning, it just got worse! I hadn't heard from the repair centre by midday who were supposed to be picking up my car to repair it. So I called them and they said they had no idea about it and to call my insurance company again. So I did and they re-faxed the information to the centre with me on the phone, confirming they'd received it. They said they would call me back in 10 minutes or so. An hour and a half later the repair centre still hadn't called, so I called them again and they finally sent a pick up truck.

However, whilst on the phone to them I asked about my courtesy car and they told me I couldn't have one because the car will be a right off! I was stunned and argued with them but they told me it would cost £1000 to replace to the two windscreens alone. I immediately called my insurance company to get my options and was told I could ask for quotes from other companies if I wasn't happy, but that I couldn't have the courtesy car (despite being promised it earlier).

Then from my kitchen window I saw some guy wandering around my car. I thought it was the guy picking it up so I went round, but the guy was walking away. I asked him why he was looking at my car and he said he was a neighbour and heard a bang in the night.

Turns out he'd heard the guys at around 3am, looked out the window and seen two guys with a flat bed truck, putting leaflets on the car and heard one say 'It's dumped'. Now there were two paper leaflets on the cars this morning wanting cars for scrap and the police took these when they came this morning.

I don't quite know if this guy was genuine, but I convinced him to talk to the police and give a statement. He wouldn't give his name or where he lived (although I saw where he lived) but at least he gave the statement.

I then had to fight on the phone with the police to find out if forensics were coming and whether the guy could take the car to the repair centre. They finally told me not to wait but to keep any evidence (my half a number plate). In the meantime the pick up guy told me I was an idiot to report it and that I could get my windscreens repaired on my insurance for my excess and then get number plates made and fitted for about £10 each (and I'd just have to live with the electric wing mirror not working - which was already dodgy anyway).

So I immediately called my insurance company and asked them if I could get them replaced on my insurance, they said yes! I found a local garage who can make and fit the plates for £30! I was so happy - I'd saved myself £150 (my excess for the repair would have been £250). Although turns out the repair centre would have scrapped it - they valued the repairs at more than £1500! SCAM!

But one more big problem - the car was now in the garage, and the garage were going to charge me £80 to bring it back. So I fought, said I would tow it back or push it onto the street for the windscreen people to fix it. But the lovely guy at the insurance company knew my pain and convinced his manager to wave the fee of keeping the car at the garage until Tuesday and the windscreen people will go there to fix it then! I just have to pick up the number plates tomorrow, stick them on for the drive home and then get them fitted at my local garage!

PHEW! I am very proud of myself! I didn't let myself (BE WARNED SWEAR WORD COMING!) get fucked over by greedy men and I stood my ground.

I was resourceful and found a way out of having my car written off and saved myself £150!

GO ME! Nice bottle of wine, pizza, ice lolly and bath to celebrate (since I haven't stopped ALL DAY!)

Jewel x


  1. You go girl!!!!!!!

    C x

  2. OMG!! It just shows you doesn't it!! Useful to know too!! -x-

  3. Bloody hell you deserve that wine, good on you for taking no crap, you go girl!

    B xxx

  4. You go girl! Well done on you, I wonder how many other people just give in? It seems insanity to write off a car for so little.

  5. Well done for standing your ground and not letting them walk over you and cheat you. These people need exposing, they should be reported for this nonsense. Glad you sorted it all out.

  6. Good for you for standing up to them :) x

  7. You go girl, they seem to think as females we may not stand up for ourselves. Last time the garage tried to get money out of me for no reason I explained I would have my mechanic sort it so they got nada out of me.....despite their best efforts

  8. Good on you. Worth knowing these things.

  9. Good for you! Seems like everyone is out to rip you off sometimes. What legitimate business would be out leafleting at 3am?!!

  10. Hiya - you don't have the reply thing switched on for me to reply to you directly!! Re your comment on my blog - you could try asking the insurance company who you would complain to about their recommended repairer and write to the HO of the insurance co to tell them about your disatisfaction. Also try Consumer Direct
    The Craft show at the Ally Pally is on twice a year and quite big - it's called the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking show.

  11. Thank heavens for the pick up guy piping up about the possibility of cheaper repairs, but he shouldn't have called you an idiot! The cheek!!

    Glad it's all getting sorted and I hope you never have to face this again.



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