Hey Everyone...

What do you do when you want to cheer yourself up? I go shopping! And as I have limited funds (and I'm too ill to really go out shopping) I have been doing some virtually shopping...

This is what I am lusting after...

Royal Doulton Royal Albert China *shivers* oooo it makes me feel so good just typing it!

Avon Teacup - Currently reduced to £11.25
Avon Tea Saucer - Currently reduced to £5.63

Sandwich Tray - Currently reduced to £35.63

16cm Plate - Currently reduced to £9.38

Tea Saucer - Currently reduced to £5.63
Tea Cup - Currently reduced to £11.25

Small Cream Jug - Currently reduced to £15

Small Tea Pot - Currently reduced to £48.75

Covered Sugar Bowl - Currently reduced to £41.25

3-Tier Cake Stand - Currently reduced to - £45

Ooooo I wish I owned all of these beautiful pieces! They are just stunning!

I am very proud to say that I do own these beauties...

Two lovely teacups with cake plate saucers, which are no longer for sale on Wedgewood and I got for a bargain price on ebay last year! I bought them for our wedding breakfast after seeing them on display at a wedding fayre with cupcakes in. I fell in love there and then and have been lusting after the whole set ever since!

Do you think it's presumptuous of me to add some of this beautiful set to our wedding gift list?

What are you lusting after?

Jewel x


  1. Totally put it on your gift list - its beautiful!

  2. My mum has quite a bit of this, she worked in the pot banks before she had me, cough, 40+ years back...

  3. Go for it! Add it to the list, you never know :)

    I'm currently lusting after Amy Butler wallpaper and some soon to be launched Emma Bridgewater plates and jugs.........yumm xx

  4. I have a jug in this pattern (or something very similar!!).

    Not so much lusting after but I'm looking for a hat to wear to a christening!

    Victoria x

  5. Such lovely things! I'd buy them all for you if i could afford it! hope you are feeling better and that your car is all sorted. Tried to leave a message the other day but Blogger wouldn't let me!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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